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As long as we're doing a lot of owl-related posts...

Who's up for some jungle action?

"Brothers of the Spear" was originally a backup feature in Western Publishing's Tarzan comics from 1951 to 1966. When DC Comics got the Tarzan license in 1972, Western ran the Brothers in their own magazine. This is the final new issue, #17, published in 1976. (#18 was all-reprint.)

What made the Brothers of the Spear a bit different from other jungle comics is that rather than a white hero with a black sidekick, Natongo and Dan-El were equal partners, both eventually kings of their respective tribes. All the stories were written by the author who created the characters, Gaylord DuBois. And the art for this one is by Dan Spiegel. Let's see 6 of 23 pages.

Africa has more hidden cultures per square mile than any other continent. )
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Another Accentuate the Positive post + Jason's Early Adventures

This is a longer than usual post as it's a three part story, and I'm never sure about posting three parters; do I do one chapter at a time and probably forget to go back and do at least one chapter... or do I post it all in one go and risk boring you all. Good news, I've gone for risking boring you rigid! :)

This also counts as another entry in my painfully sporadic "The Original Origin of the original non-original Robin" posts, detailing the introduction and career of Jason Todd 1.0!

This story is full of drama, exotic locations and Vicki Vale being more awesome than usual... )