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Plop!, usually subtitled The Magazine of Weird Humor!, was a 1970s DC anthology comic focusing on just that: wacky stories and gag pages with a horror or dark fantasy slant, hosted by Cain, Abel and Eve from three of DC's other horror/thriller titles. Here, from the first issue (Sept-Oct 1973), is "The Gourmet," by Steve Skeates and Bernie Wrightson.

A ribbit-ing tale )
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"Let's us once again enter the scummy, disease, carcass of a comic series that is Marville. That's a bit of an exaggeration. I mean, for it to be a carcass, it would have had to been alive at some point."



"In fact its a bit of a stretch of the imagination to even justify calling it a book... A book has a reason to exist... This does not." - Matthew Lane (an Amazon review of the trade paperback)

Writer: Bill Jemas
Artist: Mark Bright
Inker: Paul Neary
Colorist: Transparency Digital

More quotes from victims of Marville.

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Boing Boing, a directory of wonderful things, has a preview up of "Primates," an upcoming graphic novel by Jim Ottaviani and illustrator Maris Wicks. The GN will cover the professional histories of the three great female primatologists of the 20th century: Dian Fossey, Jane Goodall and Biruté Galdikas.
Left Mt. Mikeno the next day, never doubting I would return. )
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It's cold and lonely here in Minnesota, so I hope you'll enjoy this!

"World's Finest" was kind of an odd title in the Silver Age. Although it starred both Batman and Superman, it was much more in the Superman "camp", using his artists, editors and writers. This meant that many of the stories tended to use characters and themes that had appeared in the Superman titles, and were behind the times when it came to the Batman side of things. In this case, the story riffs on a story in Superman #181, and adds some Batman.

Five of seventeen pages of what's a fairly unusual story for the Silver Age, plus some extras.

My one weakness! )

Your thoughts and comments?

Happy New Year,
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I promised Steve Gerber, and by golly, I'm delivering. Mr. Gerber did a number of oddball titles for Marvel in the 1970s, including The Man-Thing.

Like the Swamp Thing, created almost simultaneously over at DC, Man-Thing was originally a scientist, Ted Sallis. He was working on recreating the Super-Soldier serum that created Captain America when there was an explosion and he was flung into the Florida swamp. There, the chemicals reacted with the mysterious forces in the Swamp (the Nexus of Reality) to create a muck-monster out of Sallis's body.

Unlike Swamp Thing, Man-Thing did not have access to Ted Sallis' memories most of the time. It shambled about mindlessly, drawn or repelled by human emotions. In particular, fear annoyed Man-Thing, and it would attack the source of that emotion. And "Whatsoever knows fear...burns at the Man-Thing's touch!"

Given this, Man-Thing is usually less of a protagonist, and more of a force of nature that other characters who the story is actually about interact with. This story is not an exception.

Six pages of 18 from #9, five of 17 from #10 )

Your thoughts and comments?
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Who's up for some jungle action?

"Brothers of the Spear" was originally a backup feature in Western Publishing's Tarzan comics from 1951 to 1966. When DC Comics got the Tarzan license in 1972, Western ran the Brothers in their own magazine. This is the final new issue, #17, published in 1976. (#18 was all-reprint.)

What made the Brothers of the Spear a bit different from other jungle comics is that rather than a white hero with a black sidekick, Natongo and Dan-El were equal partners, both eventually kings of their respective tribes. All the stories were written by the author who created the characters, Gaylord DuBois. And the art for this one is by Dan Spiegel. Let's see 6 of 23 pages.

Africa has more hidden cultures per square mile than any other continent. )
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One of the most frequently reused plots of the Silver Age Superfamily titles was "supporting cast character temporarily gains superpowers, causing problems for the hero." Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane were the most common targets of this, but everyone got into the act, including some long-forgotten characters like the one we'll look at today.

This post contains what adds up to 7 2/3rds pages of 23 from the lead story in Superboy #157, "Get Lost, Superboy...Who Needs You?!" plus a special treat.

Continuing DC's long love affair with gorillas )

Your thoughts and comments?

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Greetings people of scans_daily! Got news on a comic with beautiful art that is going to be released this coming summer. A nice furry comic with actually pages of art where the artist used actual watercolors - seriously, this is gorgeous. So, without further ado, I introduce you to Book 1 of the series (mods, it's 82 pages, but I'm just showing public preview art with the artist's permission):


Rated PG-13 for violence and blood )
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I've been reading some Korean webcomics recently, to brush up on my rusty Korean skills. And I came upon this charming autobiographical comic mini-series about a woman and her cat which is very much attached to her.

The storyline and premise also struck a chord with me because there were some striking parallels between the comic's story and my sister's life. She had also just happened have adopted two cats this December which she strongly suspects are partially Turkish Vans, a close relative to Turkish Angora cats, one of which is featured in the comic.

I knew she would get a kick out of the comic, and since I've never done something like this before (translating a comic, and doing something nice for my sister ever), I decided to give it a try and translate it.

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You know I couldn't pass up "Manga Day!"

"What's Michael?" isn't one of my personal favorites, but is one of the better manga for showing to people outside the hobby, and let's face it, cats are much beloved.

Michael is an orange tabby, like Garfield or Heathcliff, but unlike them isn't confined to a single continuity. The majority of stories have him living with a particular typical Japanese family, but others give him other owners, or take place in alternate universes, or focus more on the antics of humans who interact with cats. (For example, today's offering.) The manga really strikes a chord with cat lovers and cat owners, I've noticed, due to its humorous insights into cat and cat-person behavior.

The following adds up to 2 pages of 6 (and the way Imageshack is acting persnickety today, I'm glad I didn't try to upload twelve pages of a 36-page chapter) of a story published in "Super Manga Blast!" #16, October 2001. Pages were flipped, so read left to right.

The darkest secrets of cat aficionados. )

Another more recent manga to check out if you like cats is "Chi's Sweet Home" which is much more candy-coated.

Your thoughts and comments?

suggested tags
creator: Makoto Kobayashi
medium: manga
publisher: Dark Horse Comics
theme: animals
title: Super Manga Blast
title: What's Michael
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Hi folks!

Hope your Thursday was good, and everyone is quite recovered.

I'm using "Weakness Week" as an excuse to run a few pages of this character...

Can you guess his secret weakness?

For those of you who haven't met the character before, the Silent Knight was actually Brian Kent, son of Sir Edwin Kent. Sir Edwin was co-ruler of a fiefdom with Sir Oswald. Oswald didn't want to share, and treacherously slew Sir Edwin. Brian realized what had happened, but could not speak out against Sir Oswald, as he was now sole ruler, and Brian was not yet of age. So Brian adopted an identity-concealing set of armor to fight for the common people against Sir Oswald's misrule. One problem--the full-face helmet wasn't going to be enough. Brian had a very distinctive voice, so he couldn't go the standard superhero route of lowering it a notch and speaking gruffly; he had to remain silent or have Sir Oswald prove that the outlaw Silent Knight was the same person as Brian Kent and legally have him put to death.

This is a fairly typical story, "The Three Flaming Dooms!" It was originally printed in The Brave and the Bold #15 in 1957, but this is the 1974 reprint in The Brave and the Bold #112. 3 1/3 pages of ten.

Apologies in advance for the crooked scans. )

Your thoughts and comments?

Suggested tags
char: Silent Knight/Brian Kent
creator: Irv Novick
creator: Robert Kanigher
publisher: DC Comics
theme: animals
title: The Brave and the Bold
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For the theme week, something you probably didn't think you'd see....

3 pages of 13 from the story.

Nice try, but no cigar )

Notably in a previous page, Aquaman points out that the desalinizer could have made Snark rich beyond the dreams of avarice, but he knows that the Professor will throw it away for relatively petty crime.

Your thoughts and comments?

Suggested tags
char: Aquaman/Arthur Curry
creator: Jim Mooney
publisher: DC Comics
series: One Perfect Moment Week
theme: animals
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Six and a third pages plus preview image from a 22 page story found in New Mutants v1 #18, "Death Hunt." This sums up all the reasons I loved Dani Moonstar back in the day, even though those same qualities lead to disaster in this 3-issue story.

Dani's been having psychic nightmares about the demon bear that killed her parents, and hiding it from the rest of the team.

So she works herself to exhaustion in the Danger Room fighting bears, and blows off Illyana's concerns after a sim.
Illyana didn't believe a word I said... )
love the OPM comm header, guys!
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In honor of the late great Frank Frazetta, here's a couple of pages (2 of 6) of one of his "Shining Knight" stories. This was a reprint in "Adventure Comics" #417 (March 1972) but originally appeared in Adventure Comics #161 (February 1951).

A knight's mighty steed is a friend indeed )

Your thoughts and comments?

suggested tags
char: shining knight/justin
creator: Frank Frazetta
publisher: DC Comics
theme: animals
title: Adventure Comics
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Marvel reveals a new teaser that, shockingly, appears to have little to do with Spider-Man or Siege.

Instead it has to do with some of my favorite Marvel characters )

recommended tags: publisher: marvel comics, theme: dinosaurs
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This week, I had a terrible scare with my faithful and sweet 5-year-old cat, always healthy and strong till now, suddenly weak and leaving blood spots everywhere she sat. Culminating, after the generosity of my friends(me being broke), in a vet visit today on my birthday. And through it all, Tony in one of my favorite comics ever, THE FILTH, kept coming to mind. This week, I felt like Greg Feely.

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Okay, so what if you're posting from a gag comic where all or most of the stories are 1 or 2 pages long?

Simple answer: Stick to "1/3 of an issue" and not give the moderators migraines. So, 7 1/2 pages of 23 from Nutty #178, July 9th 1983.

Why yes, that is a banana in my pocket. )

I'll be describing the features you're missing, starting with:

*Jay R. Hood: You may remember from the Roy Race post a bit back that "Dallas" was huge in Britain back in the day. This included several comics characters clearly inspired by scheming villain J.R. Ewing. To be honest, this one's a fairly standard rowdy boy, who happens to wear a cowboy hat. He and his gang run the local constables ragged, until the police captain decides to get them toughening-up lessons...from Jay R.

*Peter Pest: Standard annoying kid brother. His teenage sister and her beau attempt to hide their date from the boy, which actually gets them in more hassle than if they'd just admitted the truth in the first place.

Class warfare--a long-honoured British tradition. )

*Nip and Rrip": A boy and his cat, and yes, I've spelled its name correctly. Broke and desiring ice cream, the pair dig up the garden (what us Yanks call a "yard") in search of buried treasure. They find none, but Dad gives them money to stop digging.

*Snoopy: A reporter dog, no relation to the more famous American Snoopy. In this issue, the boss orders Snoopy to replace the carpet as it's getting worn through. Hilarity ensues.

*Tweet William: A daft youngster. After ruining his shoes, he goes shopping for a new pair. His insane prattle drives the shopkeep to distraction.

*Super Gnat: A powerful but small insect. Super Gnat is observing a yacht race when he observes some poor sportmen swamping a smaller competitor's boat. One burst of superbreath later, the underdog has won not only that race, but a nearby beach sailing contest as well.

*Sports Fan: A very athletic girl. She's performing some fancy dives...and some fancy leaping back up to the board. It turns out there's a trampoline instead of water in the pool.

Speaking of sports... )

*Snoozer: A boy who likes to sleep. His parents buy rice crunchies for breakfast, and the "pop snap crackle" startles Snoozer awake at the table. The next morning, the folks are distressed to learn that he's swapped the box with "Silent Crunchies" that make no such sounds.

Feral Dog Roll Call )

Not quite as scary as St. Trinian's, but then who is? )

*Wacky the Crackpot Inventor: Exactly what it says on the tin. Mum's got a nasty cold, so Wacky invents a housework robot. Hilarity ensues, and at the end Wacky decides it would be easier to invent a cure for the common cold.

*Cannonball Kid: He's football crazy. (Soccer, to Americans.) Cannonball learns that there's a scout in the audience for his game, and figures that he should try to impress this visitor in order to be called up to the big leagues. In reality, it's a Boy Scout, and Cannonball finds himself being hauled off to the scrapyard with a bucket on his head.

and finally
*Cuddles, an annoying toddler. He and long-suffering Dad visit the zoo. Hilarity ensues.

Your thoughts and/or comments? Looking forward to more?

Next time: Japanese manga that isn't porn...but may be horrifying.


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