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A Night of Thousand of Dreams is a retelling of the Arabians Night. (NOTE: This a manwha, not a manga. The reading is the same of western comics.)

Some time ago, the Sultan Shariar was cheated by his wife and went full "to execute wives just after the wedding night" (how we'll see, the real reason was a childhood trauma awakened by the adultery). To save her sister's life, the scholar Sehara faked to be her to infiltrate to Sultan palace. Thanks his stories, he is in able to save himself becoming the court poet.

The Night Story 5 is "Socrates in love".

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I've been reading some Korean webcomics recently, to brush up on my rusty Korean skills. And I came upon this charming autobiographical comic mini-series about a woman and her cat which is very much attached to her.

The storyline and premise also struck a chord with me because there were some striking parallels between the comic's story and my sister's life. She had also just happened have adopted two cats this December which she strongly suspects are partially Turkish Vans, a close relative to Turkish Angora cats, one of which is featured in the comic.

I knew she would get a kick out of the comic, and since I've never done something like this before (translating a comic, and doing something nice for my sister ever), I decided to give it a try and translate it.

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