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Young Justice #2

The folks behind Young Justice have stated that they're working to make the tie-in comic a companion piece that will supplement the TV show, not just a monthly exercise in filler material, and the final line of dialogue this issue makes that evident.

This issue takes place shortly after the pilot two-parter, during Superboy's first night at Mount Justice.

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Ms. Marrrrrrrrvel

Before I post the Best of the Best opener and the Best I can be closer to Ms. Marvel v.2, I wanted to post something ridiculous (in the good way)- Storyteller.

Storyteller is a boy called Gavin, introduced in the Binary special, who has reality creation powers. He's the product of AIM experiments. Originally, he was limited to reading stories and then creating those stories in reality. Now, he can imagine whatever he wants.

At the end of the his first appearance, Gavin escaped from AIM and from Ms. Marvel. But, a cell of AIM is tracking him, so Ms. Marvel goes after him.

He and his friend Rich are "playing" on pirate ships in the middle of the ocean when Carol turns up. Rich tells her that Gavin always cheats to win (because he can) and that Rich just wants to go home to his family. Carol confronts Gavin and he sends her back to Manhattan. Sort of.

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The Storyteller project is next seen in the Wa of the Marvels storyline, where AIM has a series of MODOK/Storyteller babies in jars that help Carol.
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Fear Itself Prologue: Book of the Skull

So the first chapter of Fear Itself is out, and it starts with Sin, the new Red Skull, and Baron Zemo(Allegiance Currently Unknown) tracking down one of the original Red Skull's hidden bases.

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