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Picked up from David Willis of Shortpacked at the 2013 Small Press Expo, I got a drawing of that classic Bat activity, space breathing, and my favorite Batfamily member, Cassandra "Black Bat" Cain.

Cassandra Cain by David Willis )
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Shortpacked discusses a topic that has been mentioned on many a messagebord, online community or even newsgroup (If you're too young to remember what a newsgroup it, please don't tell me, I feel old enough already thanks)

Oh, so that's why )

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I am back! This day had probably one of the worst moments at the con, but it did have some good news. Also, we had one panel where DC DIDN'T brag about diversity! Too bad it was the Green Lantern Panel. But first, legality!



DC's The New 52 Panel )


DC's Superman Panel )


DC's Justice League Panel )
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I tried to hold this off, but I can't do it any longer. The statements made by many of the DC creative teams at SDCC have been misguided at best and downright OFFENSIVE at worst.

I know a lot of this has already been posted, but I figured putting it in a concise post is best. My commentary is in "Quotes" while DC's statements are in bold.

From Comic Alliance, I'm getting info about what their saying and it's pretty nasty. Oh, and believe me, it just gets worse from here!

But first: legality!

Cargo Pants! )


DC's Flashpoint Panel )


DC's New 52 Panel )<Batman Panel )



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I wasn't sure of the context of today's Shortpacked when I read it, and I sure as hell wasn't going to google anything involving the word "bestiality" at work, so it took me until tonight to find this

Webcomic and info beneath )


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