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EDIT: Day old post. Removed all but one page to stay within community rules on page count. See more recent post on Batman, Incorporated Special #1 for more on this issue.

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Since it's a) come up in the comments to my Teen Titans post below and b) doesn't seem to have been posted from before if the tags are to be believed, here are four pages from Phantom Stranger #1, in which PS "helps" on-the-run escapee from Hell Rachel Roth.

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1 page + 1 panel from JLI Annual 1.

The setup: Booster Gold has lured the remaining JLI'ers and a couple prospective new members to the Hall of Justice by claiming the members of the main League will be there. Blue Beetle comes, but isn't interested in Booster's plans for the JLI; he's looking to meet Superman, Wonder Woman or at least Cyborg, for help in removing the scarab from his spine.

Booster promises him OMAC's help instead.

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Well, crud.
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I am back! This day had probably one of the worst moments at the con, but it did have some good news. Also, we had one panel where DC DIDN'T brag about diversity! Too bad it was the Green Lantern Panel. But first, legality!



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I tried to hold this off, but I can't do it any longer. The statements made by many of the DC creative teams at SDCC have been misguided at best and downright OFFENSIVE at worst.

I know a lot of this has already been posted, but I figured putting it in a concise post is best. My commentary is in "Quotes" while DC's statements are in bold.

From Comic Alliance, I'm getting info about what their saying and it's pretty nasty. Oh, and believe me, it just gets worse from here!

But first: legality!

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DC's Flashpoint Panel )


DC's New 52 Panel )<Batman Panel )



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Newsarama has the interview, I have the rage.

Make Superman accessible, indeed.

Some excerpts behind the cut, and my counter argument after.

Fair warning: Yes, I am ranting.

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So it's come to my attention that many folks haven't ever heard of Freight Train who is acting as the muscle for the current Outsiders team bringing in some new blood to the team.

He debuted in issue 30 of the series but his origin story wasn't explained until issue 35 where we discovered how he received his powers.

When he first showed up he was explicitly stated as working for Simon Stagg. Simon Stagg is the father of Sapphire Stagg, Rex Mason/Metamorpho's ex-wife. Java, one of Simon Stagg's workers was also in love with Sapphire and hated Rex for taking "his" girl from him. Sapphire of course loved Rex and so on and since then Sapphire has somehow died very recently. (If anybody knows how that'd be nice to know)

Some issues ago Java even tried killing Metamorpho knocking him out while holding the Orb of Ra (the orb that gave Rex his powers but also hurts Rex if he's near it) and dumping him into Chemo.

Now in the present Metamorpho's been saved by his team mates Owlman and Freight Train and the three go to find Simon Stagg (or Java technically since he's always with Simon) but Freight Train apparently betrays them and lets Simon Stagg and group capture the two.

(Whoo boy, hope that made sense to you folks)

The big plan Simon has is to use Black Lightning as a power source and with research he based off of the Black Rings from Blackest Night to resurrect Sapphire.

Freight Train revealed! )


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