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News about Spidey's Love Life, How to Pronounce "Daken", and Who Fans Want Back From the Dead

For those who aren't aware, Marvel has a YouTube channel in which their regular feature is called "The Watcher" hosted by one Grace Randolph. While the main lead is about the poly-bagged Fantastic Four #587 issue in which reveals which member of the FF dies (which has already been spoiled), as well as a discussion on Daken (and on the correct pronunciation of his name) and whether or not he'll fight Wolverine's other "offspring" X-23. it's at 2:45 mark where we get some possible spoilers about Spider-Man. More specifically, a tease regarding Peter's new CSI girlfriend, Carlie Cooper, in which Marvel Assistant Editor Elizabeth Pyle states the following:

Carlie will be making a commitment that no Spider-Man woman has ever made in any continuity.

And if that wasn't enough to get folks screaming in frustration (at least when it came to this fan), we have at the 4:33 mark the results of a "Who should come back from the dead?" poll. And the winner is...well see for yourself.!

For legality:

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