[Secret Wars] Ultimate End #1

"Once we knew it was going to be the end, I talked to Brian [Bendis] and we agreed that we would have as much fun with this as possible. We knew it would be as sad for the fans as it was for us to say goodbye but the thing about Brian is he never runs out of great ideas. He had an approach as to how to handle this story that would push a lot of buttons and tug a lot of heart strings." - Editor Mark Paniccia

Enter the region of Battleworld known as... MANHATTAN.

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Scenes from the police station...

A running gag throughout Ultimate Spider-Man was whenever there was a scene taking place in a police station there was always someone dressed up as Marvel character being lead away while referencing something that was taking place during the 616 universe...

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Bendis' Daredevil Part 11: Wake Up

I didn't post this during this during my initial 'Bendis' Daredevil' series but I figured I would now. It's his first Daredevil story that he did and it was a stand-alone arc that took place before his main run began (there was another writer's arc in between the two). It's considerably different in style and tone than the rest of his work.

As a warning, this story deals with child abuse.

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Bendis' Daredevil Part 8: Golden Age

'Golden Age' is one of my favorite arcs from Bendis' and Maleev's run on Daredevil. It's just a great combination of writing from Bendis and art from Maleev. It's also largely a stand-alone story so you just need to be familiar with the basic concept of Daredevil being outed as Matt Murdock and later declaring himself the 'Kingpin' of Hell's Kitchen.

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Bendis' Daredevil Part 7: The Widow

Not related to Bendis's run but most of Frank Miller's run on Daredevil is available on Comixology right now for 99 cents an issue for one day only here. It includes Miller's run up until #184, as well as 'Born Again' and 'Man Without Fear'. Just a heads up.

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Bendis' Daredevil Part 3: The Trial of the Century

For those on the fence, the Daredevil Comixology Sale ends tonight at 11 pm EST.

Also as you probably know the new Netflix show stars tomorrow. I would like to ask that people refrain from discussing spoilers in the comments for these posts just for the benefit of those trying to catch up.

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