Superman & Batman: Generations III #9: "Century 27: A Soldier's Story"

'Once GENERATIONS is presented as any kind of coherent "universe" or "ElseWorld", it completely falls apart. It's like looking behind the curtain and finding out who Oz really is. The "hypertime" inclusion springs directly from Alan Moore's infamous "but aren't they all" line, in reference to "imaginary stories". For some reason that became a battle cry for FAR too many over-aged, ennui-engorged "fans", people who simply could not accept the old stories for what they were -- or GENERATIONS for what it was meant to be. Sigh.' - John Byrne

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Warren Ellis's Wonder Woman

...sort of

On Thursday/Friday, I finally read Planetary, having read Global Frequency the week before. It's decent, but thank goodness I was able to binge read it, rather than wait 4 years between issues.

I enjoyed the Ellis's micro-takes on other, established characters and the way that their stories were told in their owns style.

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Star Trek: New Visions #16: Time out of Joint

"I've noticed a recurrent phrase in reviews and commentary about NEW VISIONS. Even the most exemplary comments make reference to the fact (and it is fact) that not every single panel in every issue is perfect. The seams show. Sometimes head transplants don't work. Lighting doesn't quite match. Etc. But here's my question: are there ANY comic books, drawn, painted, digital, you name it, that are 100% perfect, first page to last?" - John Byrne

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