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Name:Scans Daily
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:We post samples of and talk about comics.
Welcome to scans_daily, a community for posting scans of pages from comic books, manga, comic strips and webcomics. Anyone wanting to post comic scans of their own is heartily encouraged to do so, but for the sake of our sanity and yours, please read all the rules below first.

Unofficial community mottos:
1) At scans_daily, it's never just you.
2) It only counts as subtext if it's subtle.
3) Scans or it didn’t happen.

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» Community Ethos.
» Rules of Conduct.
» Creator Rights.
» Posting Rules. (Full version; Definitions.)
» Discipline (but Not that Kind).
» Suggestions, Requests, and Volunteers.
» Membership.
» Affiliates.
» Credits.
» Links.


Scans Daily was founded by girl geeks and members of slash fandom, but now strives to provide an atmosphere which is LGBTA-friendly, anti-racist, anti-ableist, woman-friendly and otherwise discrimination and harassment free. The moderation team is always striving to make it a safer space for all fans, but this is not a safe space. Members come from all walks of life to talk about and share extracts from comics, and not all of them are on the same page regarding anti-oppression theory. Calling out other members or creators for discriminatory or oppressive behavior is encouraged for the good of the community.

Unfamiliar with terms like 'calling out' and 'anti-oppression theory'? Check out our Resources (available as annotated and quick link versions) for some primers.

Note: Please contact a moderator immediately if you see another member making discriminatory remarks. Similarly, if you ever feel or encounter a mod demonstrating discriminatory behaviour on scans_daily, PLEASE NOTIFY ONE OF THE OTHER MODS DIRECTLY and we will take it from there.


Scans_Daily's aim is to create a safer atmosphere where members from all backgrounds can be enthusiastic about comics without feeling threatened or unsafe. When you join the community, we expect members to familiarize themselves with and follow the rules of conduct. Failure to follow these rules can result in official discipline, including warnings, suspensions or permanent bans.

1. Hate speech, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, classism, discrimination on the grounds of nationality, ethnic or national origins, religious, sectarian or atheistic discrimination or otherwise overtly objectionable commentary based on people's intrinsic characteristics will not be tolerated in the community. In addition, rape apologia, rape jokes and metaphors, trolling, concern trolling, misrepresentation, derailing, passive aggression, pointless belligerence, sockpuppeting, spamming, silencing tactics and/or disrespecting the mods (including ignoring them), is not acceptable.

2. Do not make personal attacks*, issue insults, threats or express wishes of bodily harm in posts or comments. This applies to comments to both other members in the community and the creators whose work is being discussed. We welcome critical opinions, but please try to concentrate on the work rather than the person. If you can't do so without resorting to personal attacks or passive aggression, then that's probably a sign that you should take a step back from the conversation. Differences of opinion are welcome; no one has ever been nor will ever be banned on a difference of opinion alone.

3. SD respects our members' rights to privacy and control over their online identities. As far as we're concerned you are your pseudonym. Trolling and attempts to dismiss other posters on the basis of their "hiding behind a fake name" will not be tolerated. Unauthorized public release of a fellow member's contact information will result in immediate banning.

If you see someone breaking any of the rules outlined above, please contact a moderator directly, or contact the mod team through scansdailymod[at]gmail[dot]com immediately so action can be taken.

*Please note that calling out other members for discriminatory behavior is NOT considered a personal attack here at Scans Daily. For our specific policy on discriminatory behavior, please refer to rule #1.


Scans Daily welcomes the participation of comics creators. Creator participation is subject to the same basic rules that govern the behaviour of fans in the community. However, SD and NSD recognize creators' prerogative to control the republication of their work.

1. Copyrighted material will be immediately removed at the request of creators and copyright owners.

Requests for removal of copyrighted material should be directed to the moderation team

2. Spoilers will be removed at the discretion of individual posters. It is not our policy to suppress discussion of comics.

Requests for removal of spoilers should be directed to the original poster.


  1. Every post must have as its primary subject at least one image from a sequential art source (comic book, manga, newspaper comic strip, webcomic, etc.) or a fanart, commission or concept art related to a sequential art source. When posting any comic-related news, interviews, videos, or essays, they must be relevant to the scans you are posting about and must add to their discussion. If you only wish to post comic-related media without the scans, please refer to [ profile] noscans_daily for those discussions. Posting "legality scans" with irrelevant media does not make your post legal and you will be asked to modify your post if you are caught doing this. Failure to comply may subject your post to deletion. Click here for clarification.

  2. Every post must include the source of the content. In the case of comic scans, that would be the title and issue number. For webcomics, a credit and link to the source. Exceptions will be made for entries tagged as "Context is for the weak."

  3. No more than 1/3rd the length of any single work - whether story or physical document - may be posted to this community. Exceptions to this rule: stories shorter than 2 pages; those works which are free, orphaned, public domain or web-published stories. (If it is a web-published story, please credit and provide links to the source.) Click here for further clarification.

  4. No one user can post more than 4 pages from any recent comic. Once the comic is no longer defined as recent, more pages may be posted. Please refer to the posting guidelines for further clarification.

  5. If you are posting scans from a source that doesn't follow the standard single issue 22-page format, please note the page count in your post. (IE: "10 pages of 30" or "7 pages from issue #6, 7 pages from issue #8" etc).

  6. If you are posting scans from multiple issues, please note issue breaks in your post.

  7. Do not link to sites hosting pirated or otherwise illegal content in full - this includes links to Torrent and Scanlation sites and posting images which are watermarked with links to such sites.

  8. LJ-cuts are required for any post which contains more than one image. In addition, any spoilers or nsfw content must be behind your lj-cut. For non-recent comics, you may have one preview image no larger than 400 x 300 pixels outside the cut provided that it has no spoilers or nsfw content. Absolutely NO panel from a comic released that is the most current issue of its series may be featured outside of a cut, however unspoilery it is. Please refer to the posting guide for further clarification.

  9. Any post that contains potentially triggery scans and discussion -- such as extreme violence/gore, sexual violence, abuse, self-harm, and offensive and oppressive content -- must be posted under an adequate Warning before the cut, tagged as such, and framed with sensitivity in the post. In addition, NSFW posts need to posted with an 18+ age restriction filter and clearly labeled and tagged as such.

  10. Please tag your entry, before or after you post. Read [personal profile] salinea's tag tutorial for more details. In order to avoid creating redundant tags, please check if any tags you wish to use are similar to pre-existing ones.

  11. Do not screen or delete comments unless directed by a moderator, or to edit/correct errors. Note: troll comments that reveal personal information should not be deleted; instead screen them and contact a moderator.

**An expanded version of these rules with further clarifications and some tips for novice posters can be found here. Definitions of the terms bolded below are here.**

Members whose posts contain minor violations of the rules above (legality, one or two extra pages, etc) will be given six hours to correct the issue. Posts with major violations such as NSFW/spoilery/outsized images outside an lj-cut or too many recent scans may be subject to immediate deletion without warning.


Users that break the rules may be given warnings by the mods. These warnings will not be handed out arbitrarily and summarily. They will be the result of discussion and consensus between different mods. Scans Daily has a "Three Strikes and You're Out" policy on warnings, and on your third strike you will be permanently banned from the community. First and second warnings will expire after 6 months, at which point you will have earned yourself a fresh start. These warnings will be posted publicly.

1 – First Strike. This is the lowest level of official warning; it will not be used unless there are multiple or extreme infractions of the community rules. Identified by the following text:
"This is your FIRST OFFICIAL WARNING. Please note that if you receive two further warnings you will lose the ability to post on this community."

2 – Second Strike. This may follow a First Strike upon further infractions. Members receiving a second warning are suspended from Scans Daily for fourteen days. Identified by the following text:
"This is your SECOND OFFICIAL WARNING. This is what they call a "second strike" and you are now suspended from the community for the next fourteen days, after which you will be allowed to return. Please note that if you receive one further warning you will lose the ability to post on this community."

3 – Third Strike. This leads to the ultimate sanction: banning. If a poster has consistently or egregiously ignored the rules of Scans Daily, they will be permanently banned. IP addresses of former members are logged, and attempts to sneak around the ban using a new username will lead to reports being filed with Abuse, as this is a violation of the Terms of Service. Identified by the following text:
"This is your THIRD STRIKE. You have now been banned from Scans Daily."

Though the moderators have these tools at our disposal, we do not wish to actually have cause to use them. Mods will take appropriate steps to resolve issues without resorting to the warning system.

Reminders. Please note that official warnings will all carry the above text. However, a moderator may issue a "Mod Note" when there is a minor infraction of the rules or cause for concern. If a mod tells or asks you to do something, that is not the same as being given an official warning, which will always be identified as above. The moderator will simply step in to remind the member of the rule being broken. No official sanction will be taken.

The mods reserve the right to issue a Strike or extended suspension period of any level without issuing a First Strike or Reminder if the offense is deemed severe enough.


Have a suggestion? Head over to our suggestion box.

Want to make a request? Once a month we have a requests post where members can make scan requests. Other members seeking inspiration can look through the requests and fulfill someone's dream. Current requests can be found here.

Got time to kill and undefinable charitable impulses? Volunteer to help tag entries, mentor new members or back up the archives. Find our volunteer comm at [community profile] sd_volunteers.

Please feel free to come to us with any other questions, comments, or concerns at scansdailymod[at]gmail[dot]com

Current maintainers:
[personal profile] aeka
[personal profile] icon_uk
[personal profile] sistermagpie


You do not need to be a member of Scans Daily to read the community. However, posting and commenting is restricted to members. Scans Daily membership is open, but creating a Dreamwidth account requires either a payment or an invite code for free accounts. Invite codes are publicly shared at [site community profile] dw_codesharing and can also be requested from the Scans Daily admin, by emailing scansdailymod[at]gmail[dot]com.


Check out [ profile] noscans_daily, our discussion-only affiliate on LJ. You can also follow it on DW with its feed:

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You can follow the official Scans_Daily twitter for regular updates and community information at


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