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In follow-up to my previous post (and subsequently this post), I provide you with an updated version of the posting check list! If you are new to the comm or are unsure of how to make a post on [community profile] scans_daily, please check with the following guidelines.

Again feel free to ask any questions in the comments if you need clarification on anything! :)

1. Is your post legal in accordance with scans_daily's rules?
2. Are the scans you want to post from the most recent issue of your comic?
3. Does your post meet the required 1/3 length rule for any given comic or individual story?
4. Does your post contain more than one image, exceed the 400 x 300 pixel restriction, or contain any spoilers?
5. Is your post NSFW for work or contain any triggers?
6. Is your post tagged correctly?
7. Ready to post?
8. Resources

1. Is your post legal in accordance with scans_daily's rules? If unsure check for the following:

A. Are you posting a scan from a sequential art source such as comic book, manga, newspaper comic strip, or webcomic (including your own) for the purpose of sharing and/or discussion?
B. Are you posting cover solicitations for upcoming comic series?
C. Are you posting fanart, commissions, or concept art for an upcoming series?
D. Is your scan NOT linking to any pirating sites (including scans that watermark urls to said pirating sites [i.e., torrents and scanlation sites])?

If you answered 'YES' to any of the above, your post qualifies as legal. Please note that when posting a scan, our legality rule does NOT extend over to photo manipulations of scans.

If you are posting any comics-related news articles, interviews, videos (this includes movie/tv trailers), essays, etc, in addition to the scans that are the primary subject of your post, they must be relevant to the scans you are posting about. That is to say if you are going to post scans (including cover solicitations) from a Spider-Man comic as the primary subject of your post, any media posted in addition to the scans must add to the discussion of that comic.

For example, posting a clip from an episode of Ultimate Spider-Man in addition to scans from a Spider-Man comic for comparison purposes or to point out parts of the episode that borrowed elements from the mainstream comic would count as legal. Posting a clip for an upcoming episode of Green Lantern: The Animated Series with a scan from a Spider-Man comic or another irrelevant comic "for legality" would not make your post legal. You will be asked to modify your post if you are caught doing this and a failure to comply will subject your post for deletion.

If you only wish to discuss comics-related media without the scans, [ profile] noscans_daily is your go-to place for that.

2. Are the scans you want to post from the most recent issue of your comic?

That is to say "is the comic you wish to post released within the current month and the latest issue of the series? If so, your comic qualifies as recent and you may post NO MORE than 4 pages from the current issue, and ONLY the cover may be posted outside an LJ-Cut. No preview panels (however unspoilery it is) are allowed outside the Cut. (Please see Definitions for further clarification on spoilers).

Once the comic no longer classifies as recent (i.e., was released within the last month or any other month prior and is no longer the latest issue), more pages may be posted.

3. Does your post meet the required 1/3 length rule for any given comic or individual story?

If unsure of this, take the total number of pages and divide this number by 3, and this will give you 1/3 the length. If the number of pages posted is LESS than or equal to 1/3 the length, you have satisfied the 1/3 rule. If this number exceeds the 1/3 length, then you've broken the 1/3 rule and you will be given a maximum of six hours to correct the issue, or your post will be deleted.

To summarise:

Page Length = 22

22 ÷ 3 = 7.333 (drop the decimal and keep it at a whole number, in this case 7)

If number of pages posted <= 7 == GOOD!

If number of pages posted > 7 == BAD!

When posting scans from a comic that does not follow the standard 20-22 pages (as is typically the case with annuals), your fellow mods would love it if you noted the page count in your post (i.e., 12 pages out of 40). Similarly, if posting from an anthology, graphic novel, or a manga, you may only post 1/3 of each chapter. If posting pages from multiple issues, please be sure to note any issue breaks in your post.

Exceptions to the 1/3 rule are if the story is recent (see #2), 2 pages or shorter, free, orphaned, public domain or web-published stories. If posting the latter, please provide credit and link to the source.

**Please note you are responsible for checking to make sure another user hasn't already beaten you to the punch. You can use tags and browse the archives to search through past entries. We will be relatively lenient if you accidentally post a few extra pages of a comic that's 30 years old and out of print in any collection. But if the comic is in print it will be deleted**

4. Does your post contain more than one image, exceed the 400 x 300 pixel restriction, or contain any spoilers?

If so, your content MUST be posted behind an LJ-Cut.

If any content that qualifies as any of the above is seen outside of your cut, you will be noted for it and given six hours to fix the issue. If your post has not been corrected by that time, it will be deleted.

5. Is your post NSFW for work or contain any triggers?

If your post contains any explicit nudity or sexual content it is considered not safe for work (NSFW) and it MUST be posted behind an LJ-Cut with an 18+ age restriction filter. You MUST also label your post and tag it as such.

Similarly, any images or discussions containing extreme violence/gore, sexual violence, abuse, self-harm, offensive and oppressive content, and anything else that can evoke an extremely strong and damaging emotional response qualify as potential triggers. If your post is potentially triggery, it MUST be posted under an adequate warning before the cut, tagged as such, and framed with sensitivity in the post.

Any posts that break this rule will be deleted. Please note that NSFW and trigger warnings do not apply to scenes of implied sex and any non-graphic violence.

6. Is your post tagged correctly?

To make it easier for our users to navigate our tags, we use the following format:

Creator: Creator Name (for comic writers and artists alike)
Char: Hero Codename/Civilian Identity/Any Other Alias (for comic characters)
Title: Title of Comic (this one's self explanatory)
Publisher: Comic Publisher (also self explanatory)


Creator: Amanda Conner
Char: Power Girl/Kara Zor-L/Karen Starr
Title: Power Girl
Publisher: DC Comics

Before creating a new tag, please check our list of tags to see if any tags you wish to use are already similar to pre-existing ones. If they are, please use those pre-existing ones instead. This is extremely important since we only have a limited number of tags and we don't need 10 different tags for the same character.

To find tags faster Ctrl + F (or Cmd + F on Mac) is your friend.

For further clarification on tagging, please visit [personal profile] salinea's tutorial for tagging.

7. Ready to post?

Once you've checked for all of the above and find your post is error-free, your post is greenlit to go. Once posted you are free to edit your post and/or your own comments as you wish. You may NOT, however, screen or delete any comments from other users unless you are instructed to do so by a moderator. Similarly, if your comment does get sanctioned for whatever reason, you are also NOT be permitted to delete your comment. The reason we don't allow this is not because we want to peg you personally as an example for others to follow, but rather to clarify to other users who are unclear of the rules what types of comments are and are not permitted on the comm. The only time you will ever be permitted to screen any comments is if you encounter any troll comments that reveal any personal information, in which case you will need to contact a moderator immediately.

If you have any further questions or need more clarification on how to make posts to scans_daily, feel free to contact us at scansdailymod[at]gmail[dot]com, or you may contact one of the mods individually via PM.

8. Resources

- For posting images:

HTML: <img src="image url goes here"> OR <img src="image url goes here" alt="descriptive text of your image goes here" width="width in pixels" height="height in pixels" border="border thickness in pixels" />

Example: <img src="" alt="Power Girl" width="831" height="1280" border="0" />

**Note: You only really need "src" for posting images. The rest are optional, particularly for changing the size of your image or getting rid of any link borders. On another note, please host all images you post on your own server/image hosting site.**

- Making LJ-Cuts:

<lj-cut text="descriptive text goes here">

Body of your post goes here


- Blacking out spoilery information

<span style="background-color: #000000;">Insert spoilery information here</span>

- linking to other users and/or comms

For DW users: <lj user="username"> for LJ <lj user="username" site=""> (DW only)

For DW comms: <lj comm="comm_name"> for LJ <lj comm="comm_name" site=""> (DW only)

- For image hosting: (German)

Date: 2018-12-26 09:15 pm (UTC)
full_metal_ox: (Default)
From: [personal profile] full_metal_ox
Since I see no comments, I'm guessing that comments are screened.

May I post an advertising tie-in created by a famous comic artist, done in comics idiom, although it doesn't portray his established comics characters? (Specifically, this was a scarf printed with the likeness of his advertising mascot.)


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