So, this new Infinite Comics thing

When Marvel announced Infinite Comics, their new experiment with original digital comics, they made a big deal about how, even though they planned to take advantage of the storytelling techniques the different medium allowed, they were still firmly going to be comics. There wasn't going to be any of that "motion comics" stuff that just comes off as the poor man's animation it is.

Now the first Infinite Comic, an Avengers vs X-Men tie-in/prologue, has come out, and while Marvel's technically right that it's not animation, I don't know, it comes too close for my tastes. What does everyone else think? Is this just poor man's animation?

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[personal profile] sherkahn2012-04-11 08:07 am

When Spider-men collide.

BleedingCool.com has
the major announcement as the Spider-men silhouettes are revealed.

Yeah, you could've seen this coming a mile away. "Miles" away.

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Batman and Robin #8

2 pages that help redefine who this new Batman... Bruce Wayne has become.

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Fantastic Four 605

Continuing the important theme about family today (in my posts).

With the future Franklin (master of Galactus) and Valeria Richards in the present, Reed decides to do some "intimate examination" on his own.

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Batgirl #8

After a nice chat with Dinah in the last issue, Barbara decides to confront one of her major issues....and it's not the *story that shall not be named*

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Patsy Pinup

You've been selected to do the first issue of a tittle called Patsy Pinup. You have a pick a pen name. What are you going to go with?

"Sista Swing" was the first guy's choice.

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UXM #10 - Danger

Half a page of the most recent issue of Uncanny X-Men.

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V. eventful issue - cheating, blackmailing, incest vibes, dragons - it's practically an episode of Game of Thrones.