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Yesterday, we were talking about Women's Lib in 70s DC and Showcase 97 was mentioned. You can find it reprinted in the Power Girl pre-Infinite Crisis trade

It's the one with the awesome Adam Hughes cover )

Anyway, on to Showcase 97 )
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Deadpool: Fear Itself #2

I've already posted the covers to this issue as Wade puts on the MC Hammer pants and shakes it, but one page in the preview here by ComicBookResources just HAD to be posted, as Wade fights hard to resist temptation.

No! No! I can't!!!! )
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Curse of the Wendigo announced

As I am dropping my DC as soon as DCnU hits, I need to pick up something. And I am always grateful that here at Scans_Daily I can find something new to stimulate my mind. CosmicBookNews has the news from yesterday about a project I think might be very interesting.

The dire rules of muzzle and maw, tooth and claw. )
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The Unwritten #27

My personal pick of the week. And with the last Harry Potter movie out and people talking about the Potter books again, some of us can appreciate unseen connections.

#27 came out this week, and like any good episode of Lost or the X-Files it left a LOT more questions that need answering than it actually answered. But questions WERE answered and revelations were jaw dropping.

I'm sorry to say that for those of you who aren't picking this up, my post will do you no justice, but hopefully you can make the leap of faith and logic and see the implications.

(forgive me if it is lengthy)

Strange visitor.  )

I just.... there are no words....

One scan from Amazing Spider-man 668
Where the hell is my Red Lantern Ring.... )

I only have enough energy for one Marvel rant a day and used it all in my Defenders post (which you can see here)


I try not to blog about spider-man... its just... yeah...
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I'm not sure I want to get it...

I've had this scanned for a few weeks just looking for time to post it but this comic strip/Mini-Wheats ad just leaves me perplexed and slightly disturbed.

Come one, come all to the inexplicable breakfast ad! )

Chuck Austen: Not that bad?

I've never been a big fan of all the Chuck Austen hate. Was he really that bad? Well... maybe. Polaris going batshit crazy and actually being Magneto's daughter are some of the bigger problems. But some of the special dislike is for "The Draco." But there's a very good scene in Part One of the story.

Brotherly hate. )