Like many people, I think Batman: The Animated Series is the definitive take on the Batman mythos. The show's version of Two-Face in particular is without a doubt the best adaptation of the character as well. This story 'Fifty-Fifty' is a great one in my opinion and is worth reading for the scene involving Two-Face and a phone booth alone.

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'Fifty-Fifty': A Two-Face Gem from the DCAU comics

In The Batman and Robin Adventures #22, Two-Face is saddled with a quarter when he's sprung from custody by a mobster. I fell in love with it when someone posted it in s_d 1.0. I didn't remember the name at the time and now that I've tracked it down it seemed only right to share it here.

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The Deadly Duo becomes... the Eternal Triangle... or something...

I juts got a new piece of original art, and since it's my second piece from the same issue, I thought I'd share it, and the fun story it comes from.

It wasn't until I thought about it that I realised that, aside from one mass purchase of pages, I've only got two instances of owning two pages from the same story, and in both cases, it's Paul Dini writing stories which feature Robin as a hostage (one way or the other). Coincidence? Actually, quite probably, but that's neither here nor there...

Approximately 7 pages from 22 under the cut

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Poison Ivy - Botanist... eco-terrotist... cougar?

I don't have too many examples of BTAS Robin art in my collection, not because I don't like it, anything but, but because I have a heard time finding pages. So I'm delighted to have acquired this one!

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"Surprise me?"

(Note: irish_spectre asked me to post this for her since she doesn't have an IJ account)

To continue on the celebration of Joker/Harley, here is a classic for you guys: Batman and Robin Adventures #18. The premise? Joker is down in the dumps because of some billboards featuring the Dynamic Duo and Harley means to cheer up her Puddin'.