Garth Ennis' Jennifer Blood #3

Four pages from issue #3 of Ennis' Punisher-meets-"Weeds" series...

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Tales of Midgard or the Warriors Three take a bite out of the Big Apple

Greetings True Believers!

Walter Simonson's run of The Mighty Thor is just perfect. The Warriors Three are a big part of that perfection.

The Asgardians have just defeated Surtur and saved the Nine Realms. Time to head home? Odin's Stones, no! Volstagg, Hogun and Fandral hit the streets for some errands and Midgard fun!

They, in the words of Carl from ATHF, "Don't need instructions to know how to rock!"

Plus a scene from the cute flirtation that Beta Ray Bill and Sif had around that time.

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"The Day After the Death Star" is a Marvel UK comic, drawn by Carmine Infantino. It's 49 pages, but since most of those are only one or two panels, it's not as long as it sounds. Thirteen pages.

It's also the comic where we see Chewie get his medal.

And where Luke fails big time. )

And it must be said: May the Fourth be with you.
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THOR: TALES OF ASGARD (when is this coming out?!)

Been going a little crazy on anything Loki related since the Thor movie; I just got the animated Thor and Loki: Blood Brothers and it's pretty cool with the animated comic book look, and the voice-acting is pretty solid.

But I also spotted this and even though I don't really like the Ben 10 art style, I gotta admit, can't...keep...eyes...off...teenage-Loki...must...resist...the snarky prettiness...

Now I can't wait for kid-Loki to grow up, but I bet he'll be even more estrogen bait!Cute Caramon and Raistlin thing the two brothers have got going there. And it's pretty funny in hindsight that Loki's pranking on his own son.

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Ultimate Overload

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I'm getting slightly excited for what might be a proper Ultimate Universe. I assume that day 4 will be an announcement involving the new Ultimate Spider-man title.