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ECCC news from IDW - Jem And The Holograms: Infinite

I've been enjoying the Jem and the Holograms series (and so was sorry to hear the series will be cancelled with #26), and LOVING the Misfits mini (seriously, I've held off on posting anything from #2 because I need the 1/3 rule to make the required impact)

And so, at ECC and courtesy of AV Club, IDW announced what will be taking it's place and... well... it's not quite what anyone was expecting...

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A tribue to Mike Wieringo - The Tellos tribute

Mike "Ringo" Wieringo is an artist we lost far too soon, and whose crips, clean work I always enjoyed; The Flash (Where, along with Mark Waid, he created Impulse), Spider-Man, Superman, Robin, The Fantastic Four and many others.

I am far from alone in that opinion of him. Mike was an incredibly popular creator, for his work, his mentoring of other artists and just generally being a thoroughly decent human being. (Ten years after his death, his DeviantArt account is still maintained at Core level by the donation of fans)

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Before The Mighty Thor, there was--Ibis the Invincible

Recently there've been several requests for more obscure Golden Age superheroes. I hear and obey! Let's start off with the origin story of a super-mage originally hailing from Middle-Kingdom era Egypt.

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The American Crusader: Defender of Democracy

When a recent request for more golden age characters came, I immediately thought of this guy, who's actually appeared in various comics in the modern age, including a webcomic called Heroes Inc. and even had a bit of a shout-out by Grant Morrison in Multiversity. I'm not sure why this character always stuck with me. Maybe it's because I like the name, maybe I find his costume simple but memorable, maybe it's because I like the idea of a patriotic hero with Superman level powers. Or maybe it's because his origin really, really should have just killed him.

But don't take my word for it. Take a look at his origin yourself.

Warning for female abuse.

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The Dark Knight Returns #3

"My feeling was they’d never be that good of friends anyway. They’d kind of disagree on certain fundamental things. Superman can afford to be as nice about crime as he is, because he can fly, and he can do anything. He can beat up God if he wants to. But Batman has trained to fight a much tougher battle, and to me they were natural antagonists. But also, the main reason for doing anything; It made a good story."

- Frank Miller

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