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Batman and Robin Eternal 14

After the Cass heavily issue last week, this week see's the set up of Bruce's Anti-Mother plan begin to take shape...

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Creeptastic Moments in Superheroism: When Steph Became Robin

The 2000s weren't a great time for Batman. True, there were a lot of good stories and creators with a lot of good work at the time, some of which is still influencing work to this day (such as Gotham Central and the Brubaker/Stewart/Cooke Catwoman run), but as for the character himself? ...Well you know how a lot of the bullying behaviour from Silver Age Superman stories can apparently be traced back to one particularly unpleasant editor or something? Same goes for Batman's behaviour in a lot of these stories.

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Creepastic Moments in Superheroism!: Green Arrow

The audience's attitudes towards certain subjects change as time progresses, so what might seem harmless or even amusing to a past audience comes across as offensive or even creepy by one of today! So, I thought that I'd gather up a few for your perusal.*

*Note: This isn't meant to make light of what they're doing or who they're doing it to, but rather pointing out how unpleasant and strange it is that SUPERHEROES are the ones doing it.

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