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He’s died, he’s come back to life, he’s been the Spectre. He’s seen everything. So, I think one of the important things is that he’s not traumatized. Right now, there’s a vogue for sort of post-traumatic superheroes, but I just think that is not Hal Jordan. This is a guy that does not need therapy. He’s so far beyond therapy. It ain’t going to work. This is a guy who’s super directed. He gets the job done. He’s really good at what he does. -- Grant Morrison

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One of the things I love about the DC Universe is that they do have this history and they do have this depth and span and scope in the outline of human life. It’s kind of like environmental art. You’re going into a place. I love the fact that there are thousands of alien races out there that have maybe been seen in one issue of WORLD’S FINEST in 1970, or some bunch of characters that have only ever been seen in some 1990s comic book, and consolidating all that to say, "Oh, that happened and they’re all still here, and they all still have their own agendas, and they’re all out working and doing things in the universe," and we get to suddenly see them. -- Grant Morrison

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Instead of the big, epic, 12-part stories, we’re focusing down on the everyday life of a space cop. Basically, it’s no more apocalypse-ending storylines. The basic concept is that [Hal Jordan] is like a space cop that patrols a sector of the universe where anything can happen. We’ve made it more like a police procedural. -- Grant Morrison

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"The Green Lantern basically refers to the Green Lantern, the essential power battery, that doesn't necessarily refer to Hal at all. It actually came from a movie in Britain called The Blue Lamp. It was a police movie, a very early police series, and it gave rise to sort of a famous 1960s police drama which ran for 200 years. It ran until the gang died on the job, basically. The Blue Lamp is the police lamp that hangs outside all the British police stations. So, I just thought, it's The Blue Lamp… The Green Lantern, it's the same thing. It's the science fiction version of that concept. So, it was very much, we wanted to have that The Blue Lamp, The Green Lantern, and so it does, it refers to the concept, rather than to the man.” - Grant Morrison

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