Cable and his new doctor…

As you know, Dr. Nemesis is now part of Cable's "X-Force".

And here's why... )

Still doesn't explain the somewhat silly outfit he'll end up in, though…
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Cable & X-Force

ComicBookResources has the new title, as Nathan Dayspring Summers returns to action, and has his own squad behind him again.

Most of us will not be happy about it.

Where is the science?  )
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Marvel clarifies their Mutant Classification system...

For years Marvel Mutants have been bandying classifications around, but it's a little confusing as to which end was the upper limit, was it Alpha, or Omega....

Newsarama has a handy field guide up...

From Alpha to Omega )
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Marvel solicits for February 2012 are up

The X-titles previews were shown in an earlier post. Here is the full February list (sans cancelled titles) from the House of Ideas.

ComicBookResources has the covers and solicits.

February is for lovers.  )