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With some of the variant covers for Darth Vader #1 by.. Greg Horn, Adi Granov, Alex Ross (he got two of them), Mark Brooks, Mico Suayan, Greg Land, Mike Del Mundo, Salvador Larroca, and Whilce Portacio.

And they do have a much more striking colour scheme )
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This week, some dark and unstable individuals left the comic book universes they existed in.

Selections from the Incredible Hulk #6 & #7 and B.P.R.D. the Long Death #3.

The fights were ugly and brutal, and in the end the monsters did as they have lived.

Good night, and may you find the peace you did not have in life.


***Fair warning, may be NSFW due to gore.***

Rage into the darkness. )
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Wow. Really?

... the revelation about who split the Hulk and Banner into 2 separate beings is revealed. As if it wasn't obvious who would go to for something like this.

The Doctor is in the house. )
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Greetings True Believers!

The JiM intros/recaps/previews are most often hilarious and cute. Issue #629 had full doses of both.

Loki's Magic Secret Action Squad!

Volstagg explains it all!


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With most of the main story going on in Fear Itself in the foreground, Loki and his forces mount a daring sneak attack from an unsuspected corner. ComicbookResources has the preview, as the end game is reached.

Pen Is Mightier. )
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Loki's 11 caper is set in motion.

Ok, maybe not 11 (7 to be accurate) but you get the idea.

Last two pages behind the cut....

You clever bastard.  )
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Me again ;) So by turtlefu's suggestion, I'm presenting a short list of Filipino artists in the American comics scene. Some you might know, some you might not, but the point I'm trying to make today is how big a part these guys play in the Comics scene.

KOMIKS talent to COMICS )

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For a long time, Marvel's annuals would feature short stories starring "supporting" characters. This one features Ben Urich, tough reporter, going after a drug lord named Lambert who has a HUGE ponytail.

3 and a half pages of a ten page story.
Ben Urich is not a tough guy. )
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Greetings True Believers! This is a big issue. A certain someone returns to Earth and Magneto proves to all the youngsters that the Old School is still the best school.

Mega-spoilers and enjoy!

Suggested tags: char: magneto/erik magnus lehnsherr, char: shadowcat/kitty pryde, group: the x-men, title: uncanny x-men, publisher: marvel comics, creator: matt fraction, creator: whilce portacio

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One page from Batman/Superman #57, which one user has posted 4 pages from so far. It's 24 pages minus DC Nation, so we're good with the 1/3 limit.

Anyhoo, Can you spot the thing on this page that is making me so twitchy?

Any chance we could get a creator: whilce portacio tag?


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