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We saw the return. Now let's see the revenge.

If I said, "Name a comic released in 1986 where a superhero loses his job, reputation, home, friends, and family due to the machinations of his brilliant, scheming arch-enemy, who knows the hero's secret identity," you'd probably say Daredevil: Born Again.

But a mere one month before the first issue of DD:BA was released, DC published Batman Annual #10, featuring a story which completely matches the description above. Because they were published so close together, I can only assume this was a coincidence. Both stories reflect something dark in the mid-80's atmosphere that could cause Frank Miller and Doug Moench to write two different stories with very similar themes.

While DD:BA is one of my all-time favorite comics, Moench's is starting to work its way up my list of favorite Batman tales. There are a couple notable differences between the two. One is that Bruce doesn't get driven to a mental breakdown, although Hugo certainly got close in his previous attempt, published three years earlier.

In that respect, this also feels like a story that Grant Morrison had in mind when he created Dr. Hurt and wrote Batman: R.I.P., comparisons to which become even more explicit in the story itself...

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Coming up next: Batman: Prey.

Enter Sailor Jupiter!

Mako-chan! Hers is my favorite transformation (well, if you coun't Venus's as all 15 chapters of Sailor V, then  I guess she'd be the best BUT) Mako is just the best. She can unabashedly kick your ass in and out of Sailor form and still cook a mean meal, she's independent but nurturing and super protective of her friends. And Sailor Moon's deconstruction of gender roles really comes out in her character, as she embodies the masculine/feminine dichotomy and shows that really- there is no dichotomy. A girl can be both. We're just people.

And her transformation is just very cool, so bear with me as I do feminist analysis!

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Give me some phat beets to beat my punches to

I've just finished Just Desserts, (Chew #11-#15) and I haven't laughed so hard at a comic book since... probably the end of Ex Machina.

It's a Harvey winning comic.

It's an Eisner winning comic.

I know that I'm only trade waiting, but it's probably up with the absolute best things that I've read, full stop.

The ideas are genuinely new and innovative, the world building works in a natural way, the characters are believable, even if the scenarios are outlandish
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30 Days of Winter: Day 9 - Girl Comics! *Master Post*

What ho scans_daily! Welcome to Day 9 of our 30 Days of Winter series. Today it's GIRL COMICS, so watch your nads lads.

I figure this is about the right time (although it's about eight hours later than I planned, due to an adventure in which I possibly got a job, definitely lost my debit card, and walked between two towns in the dark) to introduce the Four Marys. As our own icon_uk has mentioned in previous Comics For Girls post comments, the Four Marys' strip ran weekly from 1958 to 2001 - the entire run of my beloved Bunty as a pocket money comic.

They're four "third-formers" at St Elmo's who - what-a-coinkydink - share the same first name. St Elmo's is a boarding school for girls, and hijinks NATURALLY ensue.

The Marys (that feels so much like it needs an apostrophe) and their wicked peers "the snobs" Mabel and Veronica had a great many adventures, although not as many adventures as they did published strips. I really, really wanted to show the difference in art styles over the years by scanning the same story from 1961 and 1991 but after having the 1991 issues by my bed for four months.. this week I have somehow managed to lose them. Whyyyy.

Nevertheless. Let's look at how they grew, huh? Cotty, Simpy, Raddy & Fieldy )

Sometimes before I go to sleep I imagine the Marys on the Venture Bros, and it's glorious.

So, chums.. what's your favorite girly comic? I bet it's ripping.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's theme: HEROES AND VILLAINS. dun dun dunnnn

And our full 30 Days of Winter calendar is here; don't get caught short!
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D-Man in Pulse

Yesterday [personal profile] fullbodytransplant posted a splash from New Avengers #7, where a bunch of superheroes interviewed for the position of Danielle Cage's nanny. They were meant as cheap gags in order to make Squirrel Girl look better, but the portrayal of one character just pissed me off. And that character is D-Man.

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