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Preliminary note: yes, I'm aware of slang uses of words relating to "bunty". "Bunting", for example, is what one displays to honour the Queen. ;-)

Mighty Mo wears a dress. )

Advert for Bimbo children's weekly, with a free gift including 7 gay pictures, from Bunty, 1965.

Advert for Bimbo children's weekly, from Bunty, 1965
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Oh, it's your lucky day! Because it's time for more BUNTY!

Unfortunately these are pretty bad scans (so unusual from me) because they are from a 1966 annual; I cannot fit the thing into a scanner. Please try to love them anyway.

I have comprehendable stories for you, I have "unusual" art for you, I have story summaries that give a impression of the premises that were used to make engaging stories for girls in Britain in 1966! GRAB BAG.

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I am doing just that.

Last Bunty-post we talked about how much worse Bunty got towards the end, mostly based on memories and bitterness. Well, we were right. There was a MASSIVE drop-off in quality somewhere after 1979. I know, because eBay told me.

So let's revisit the good times. Let's take a look at what the six-to-twelve year olds got to read about in 1977. On Shakespeare's birth/deathday*!

I'm not scanning this story for you, because the episodes I have aren't very interesting, but get a load of this convoluted premise:


For those who're struggling with the tiny print, it reads: Tessa Trent's inheritance had been stolen by her wicked cousin, Tansy, who looked very like her. tessa was told that she was Tansy, the poor relation, anf her claims to be the rightful heiress were dismissed as a jealous disorder of the mind. Tessa was kept prisoner in a grim nursing home run by Dr Wardour where a servant-girl, Dorrie, who believed Tessa's story, obtained work. Dorrie and Tessa's former nurse, Nurse Ellis, tried without success to find somebody who could identify the real Tessa Trent. Then, one day, Tessa escaped from Winterhall.

..Now I know why I like commas so much.

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A little more 90s Bunty for ya, Dailians. This story of a dog (whose internal monologue we were privy to) who belonged to a family of common people(no!!), who.. I think they inherited a manor house somehow. WHAT an uncommon juxtaposition. And then it was re-inherited by someone else, who was posh? Which meant that the dog liked him more, because some dogs are just drawn to fine manners (or the illusion of fine manners). It feels to me like it ran forever, though I can't actually give you the facts. Basically every week the dog (Walter) ran into some sort of faux-moral dilemma which left him torn between the posh (secretly a butt, what a tweest) and the not-posh (good-hearted folk, 'gainst all evidence!).

But again - the art. The aaaart!

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This partial-page is a bonus, because.. I just though it might appeal here. Especially if you don't read the 'backstory box'.

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Time for a bit more of this, I think:


And we're in the dark days now, the beginning of the end. Which is also when I was a reader, just about. These were the tales that made me a comics-fan.

Or maybe I should say, this was the art?

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What ho scans_daily! Welcome to Day 9 of our 30 Days of Winter series. Today it's GIRL COMICS, so watch your nads lads.

I figure this is about the right time (although it's about eight hours later than I planned, due to an adventure in which I possibly got a job, definitely lost my debit card, and walked between two towns in the dark) to introduce the Four Marys. As our own icon_uk has mentioned in previous Comics For Girls post comments, the Four Marys' strip ran weekly from 1958 to 2001 - the entire run of my beloved Bunty as a pocket money comic.

They're four "third-formers" at St Elmo's who - what-a-coinkydink - share the same first name. St Elmo's is a boarding school for girls, and hijinks NATURALLY ensue.

The Marys (that feels so much like it needs an apostrophe) and their wicked peers "the snobs" Mabel and Veronica had a great many adventures, although not as many adventures as they did published strips. I really, really wanted to show the difference in art styles over the years by scanning the same story from 1961 and 1991 but after having the 1991 issues by my bed for four months.. this week I have somehow managed to lose them. Whyyyy.

Nevertheless. Let's look at how they grew, huh? Cotty, Simpy, Raddy & Fieldy )

Sometimes before I go to sleep I imagine the Marys on the Venture Bros, and it's glorious.

So, chums.. what's your favorite girly comic? I bet it's ripping.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's theme: HEROES AND VILLAINS. dun dun dunnnn

And our full 30 Days of Winter calendar is here; don't get caught short!
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Back in the fogs of yesteryear, horror comics are traditionally the realm of those with a Y chromosome, there wasn't a lot aimed at the female contingent.
But the Cavern of Dreams was different.... ) 

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Forget Marvel's lady blah-ing. What we need is more Bunty! Bunty annual 1976.

So I've brought some. If you remember my posts of ages ago or have the knowledge already, you'll be aware that Bunty was a British Girls' comic that ran weekly from '58 to '01 full of stories about girls doing stuff. Usually wacky stuff. Bunty was pretty huge and it was the first comics experience for a lot of girls, myself included. It's interesting to look at the "life lessons" in it's many varied stories.. they do progressive-seeming stories, and then they do completely awful screwed up rubbish. And then a story about how it would be useful to have a robo-pet. What am I supposed to have learnt from you, Bunty? Other than that comics are awesome?

After the cut: One very truncated story about a reluctant model, and a lot of first panels from a couple of my annuals. They introduce the premise of what'll be a two to eight page story, and go a little bit like "Tessa Worth had an unusual toy rabbit named Flopear which was really a highly-powered space craft in which she could travel. However, on the day before Christmas Eve, Tessa wanted to go no further than the highstreet!"

ACTUAL QUOTE. I'm saving that strip up, though.

If you want to hear more of any of these stories, let me know. I just got around to "scanning" (photographing..) Super Lamb today, after being asked to back on insanejournal.

Warning: '70s fatphobia within.

Let's go, girls )
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Last time we visited School Friend in 1953. This time it's Bunty, the British Girls' comic for basically the latter half of last century. And yeah, I'm biased because I love it like I love 90s X-Men and Tomb of Dracula and CB&MI:13. But it's not just my opinion! Google "Bunty the book for girls", you'll see what I mean.

Anyhow, 1987 was a great year in many ways I am sure, but in particular it brought the world a) me, and b) this annual.

I actually want to share almost every story from this annual, because they are mostly grand. But scanning takes me SO LONG, that this time I only have two stories, two previews, and one BONUS FUN PAGE.


Finally, two intro-panels from stories I'm not going to fully post. One for the girls being tough, one for the CRACK. Because I know what you love, s_d. And I love it too! (And I promise, this is not the weirdest pet story in the book. TUNE IN NEXT TIME.)

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It's 1953 and you're an eleven year old girl, dreaming about all the fantastic adventures life has to offer. What, you want a little help here? Okay, when you think of the fifties and gender roles, what do you imagine? I'd think of home-making, to be honest.

I might be wrong!

The School Friend Annual, issued from Farringdon Street, London, is what you've been given to read. Maybe by a kindly aunt.

Comics for girls! All about boyfriends and cancer. Except for when they're awesome!

Oh, and this is from an eight-page story, it's exactly a third.


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