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"Probably the best thing that Alan did for the SWAMP THING series and for the comic book field in general was to increase people's awareness of the writer's contribution. With a few exceptions, no other writer in the history of comics has generated the attention and respect that Alan has. In a visually-oriented industry that has always been dominated by its graphics, that's a considerable achievement."
--Karen Berger, Letter column in this very issue

'It is our retirement, Abby [...] born of the Earth as payment...' )
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"'My Blue Heaven' [...] marked [a] major change in the series [...] It is, in its way, one of [Moore's] most personal issues, in that it is arguably autobiographical in many ways and also anticipates Alan's future embrace of magick and shamanism. The story begins as an ethereal and loving celebration of a creator (Swamp Thing/Alan) finding solace and temporary fulfillment in the act of creation/re-creation. The darkness -- the loneliness, the masturbatory nature of such creation, the assertion of the shadowy realms of the creator's unconsciousness -- soon unveils the madness [...] that is necessarily entwined with the drive to create [...] This embracing of science fiction was the result not only of Alan's own feeling of 'I've done it all' with horror but also his sensitivity to Rick's own interests and ideas."
--Stephen Bissette, trade paperback introduction, 1988/2011

'All love... is madness, Alec... and only you... can decide... what's reality here...' )
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"After [the Arcane Apocalypse story] I'd like to pick up on Liz and Dennis for a very down-to-earth non-supernatural horror story about just what Dennis has done with Liz in his efforts to keep her as his property and one true love. I've got an utterly sickening true story that I can use as a basis for this, something that happened to a remote relative of mine, and which I heard about through my favourite aunt who had picked up the pieces afterwards."

So wrote Alan Moore to Stephen Bissette in August 1983. For whatever reason, that story didn't, of course, immediately follow the "Arcane possesses Matt" arc. Moore revisited it when, according to Bissette, he found himself with writer's block after completing two extra-sized Swamp Thing issues just a few months apart, in addition to his other commitments. What resulted is, despite the disturbing subject matter, one of my favourite issues from his run on the title.

Warning for domestic abuse and misogyny.

'I guess it doesn't take much to dismantle a human being. We come apart so easily.' )
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And Jason 1.0

Saw some original art from this issue online and realisd I'd always meant to share the issue. It's a minor story in many ways, Doug Moench writing the first of a sort of two part story which isn't major or "important", but to share Don Newton pencils with Alfredo Alcala inks and Adrienne Roy colours, is always a pleasure.

371 00.jpg

First up, that cover )


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