Nuking Metropolis in 1963

The Chris Claremont-written miniseries SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN: WHOM GODS DESTROY was an Elseworlds miniseries where Superman first appeared in 1938 and World War II either didn't happen or ended differently, with the Nazi's controlling most of Europe. And Metropolis was nuked in 1963.

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Jim Henson's The Storyteller update: A first look at some interior art

Early last month, [personal profile] icon_uk brought us news of a 100-page hardback called "Jim Henson's The Storyteller", due out from Archaia Comics in September this year.

Today via the tumblr of Nate Cosby, the person behind the project, I can bring you some work-in-progress interior art.

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The other two (a piece by Jennifer Meyer for a story by Marjorie Liu and a piece by Tom Fowler for a story by Jeff Parker) are at this post on Cosby's tumblr. And stay tuned there if you're interested in possibly seeing the final cover art (which he describes as "GORGEOUS") soon.

Comics are weird

Believe it or not, this comic was not written by Warren Ellis. Surprisingly.

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Who Is Batman, Really?

As promised, a single issue showcasing the many sides to Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Good art, shitty scans after the cut. 8 pgs out of 24

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Luke Cage explains to the Beyonder how money works

This came up in the Avenger's Academy post, with several people asking when and what happened when Luke Cage explained to the Beyonder how money worked. Since I'm the 2nd guy in the world that liked the Secret Wars (I'll be number 1 one of these days Phillip) I happen to possess this story in question.

This be from Secret Wars II number 2!
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Locke & Key: Keys to the Kingdom #6

So huge, huge spoilers here. I would really recommend that you stay away unless you've already read the issue. The series is almost over (13 issues to go) and the shit is starting to hit the fan. If you haven't caught up, go do so now. Most of the series is out in book form.

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