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Let's get something out of the gate: I love Barbara Gordon in almost any incarnation. I love Batgirl in almost any incarnation. There is only one specific intersection of the two, however, that makes it into the ranks of my Favorite Female Character.

That specific intersection, of course, being the one played by Yvonne Craig on the Adam West show.

 Introducing Batgirl

Behind the cut: the original Barbara Gordon )
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From the Eisner-nominated series by Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover, I give you the first meeting between Bandette and her archrival, Monsieur:

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A domino mask, a red tunic, a black cape with yellow lining... and yet not who you might presume I would be posting about.

And here are two other words which should grab your attention

Colleen Coover )
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Greetings True Believers!

Do yourself a favor, pick up the Marvel one-shot "Shame Itself". It's made of ROFL.

Comedy + Iron Man x Colleen Coover = Fun!


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Early last month, [personal profile] icon_uk brought us news of a 100-page hardback called "Jim Henson's The Storyteller", due out from Archaia Comics in September this year.

Today via the tumblr of Nate Cosby, the person behind the project, I can bring you some work-in-progress interior art.

Here are two of the four pieces he's put online )

The other two (a piece by Jennifer Meyer for a story by Marjorie Liu and a piece by Tom Fowler for a story by Jeff Parker) are at this post on Cosby's tumblr. And stay tuned there if you're interested in possibly seeing the final cover art (which he describes as "GORGEOUS") soon.
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Taco Bell recently (a week or so ago?) began a comic related special. With any kids meal order, as the "toy" for the meal is a free 12 page comic. The comics are very very amusing stuff and have much of a Marvel Adventures like feel to them. The comics are of the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men and Iron Man. If you're the sort who doesn't like eating at Taco Bell, fear not! One can also purchase them separately as I did. I'm guessing it'll vary by store but you can get all 4 for something like $6.

Now while each comic has a fun 11 page story one of my favorite parts is a one page strip from Colleen Coover about the issues group/person.

So I'm posting 4 pages, one from each plus a page of the regular story for the Avengers issue to show what seems to be a pretty amazing name usage for Carol Danvers.

Nono, Carol's codename is not Cheeseburger, fear not. )

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Oh, damn, just under the wire for Adult Comics Day. I apologize for the delay, guys! I meant to get this up this afternoon, but my brother is in town and he wanted to go see Tron. I like sharing porn with you all and everything, but c'mon. That's not even a choice.

Anyway. Small Favors, by Colleen Coover, is a self-professed girly porno comic collection. It's got lots and lots of lesbian sex and a wide palette of kinks, from the mundane bondage to the unusual size play. That last is on account of the main characters - Annie, a normal human (apart from her porn comic sex drive), and Nibbil, who's part of Annie's conscience given form and assigned to prevent her from masturbating (which she kind of does, actually, if only by keeping her so busy with partner sex). As a personified piece of a mental construct, Nibbil's usually about three inches tall, though she can take normal size at will.

Last time I posted Small Favors it was a story from the second volume, so this time we'll go a little earlier. Here's Annie and Nibbil on a typical day.

Highly unsafe for work. )
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Let LGTBQ Day pass without postings of Small Favors? This shall not stand, my friends.

Brief summary, if you haven't seen it (and I do believe that it's turned up around these parts before, but just in case): Small Favors is a porn comic about lesbians. It is quite unabashedly and unashamedly a porn comic about lesbians. However -- and this is the important bit -- it is also possibly one of the sweetest and most good-natured comics which has ever been published. It just also happens to show that sex is something fun and enjoyable -- and particularly, that women can enjoy sex -- at the same time. 

Most of it, naturally, is quite NSFW, but this is one of the pages that isn't, and which -- I think, anyway, pretty much sums up the entire series. The ladies are the two main characters, Annie (the brunette) and Nibbil (the blonde).

Enjoy. )
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I'm indebted to the excellent OzandEnds blogspot (Which has a regular Robin column) for pointing out this nifty little strip

It's a goodbye gift from Colleen Coover to Nate Cosby, the first editor to hire her to work for Marvel, and who was leaving the company.

Eager little dickens, but not always the most... aware )
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There's a preview for Girl Comics #1 up at Comics Alliance, and it is substantial -- they've got Colleen Coover's introductory pages, plus a full Nightcrawler story by G. Willow Wilson and Ming Doyle.

Colleen Coover beneath the cut; click link for Nightcrawler )

To echo one of the CA comments, that so needs to be a poster.


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