Old Man Wayne

Meet the Batman of Flashpoint. Batman: Knight of Vengeance comes to us courtesy of the team behind the Batman strip in Wednesday Comics, Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso.

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The First Wave of DC's Revamped Universe Titles

Geoff Johns and Jim Lee on JUSTICE LEAGUE you folks already know.  Well now, DC has revealed ten more of their 52 new titles as part of their line-wide relaunch and renumbering.  The ten titles are...

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Hellboy - The Fury #1

Holy shnokey's is Dark Horse and Mignola bringing out the Big Guns for this, the big finale to one of Hellboy's major story arcs. The lines in the sand have been drawn, the armies of light and dark are assembled, and Big Red goes one-on-one with The Queen of Blood.

And while the main fight begins, as usual, epics have other players causing major things to happen. Mignola makes every page and almost every frame count.

With great pain I had to choose only 4 pages of Awesomeness that is issue #1.

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Ed Brubaker is one of my household gods now.

Greetings True Believers!

Well, I picked up Criminal: The Last of the Innocent. (Thanks for the tip Scans Daily!) and I discovered something wonderful in the back.

Mr. Brubaker remembers and likes The Great Brain and Encyclopedia Brown.

All of a sudden I'm back in my childhood. I fucking devoured those books.

He wrote a great article about them. Enjoy!

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Batgirl vol. 2 Part 1

You thought the nightmare was over fans of Cassandra Cain? You thought that Adam Beechen was done with the character? GUESS AGAIN! The nightmare returns for the first three issues of Batgirl vol. 2!! Oh and glorified Cass nudity of Batman & the Outsiders #3 (though from the trade).

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