Mystery Object, Ch. 3-4

"I’ve spent so much time absorbed in those worlds, contemplating those empty characters, whether I knew it or not. Going back to Atari, you’d play these fun, but narratively hollow games and you’d start constructing a story for them, because there wasn’t one there. Nintendo gave you more to play with, but there were still these endless gaps for you to fill. This is a continuation of that impulse." -- Tom Scioli

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NS: Comixology's having a BOGO Marvel sale

For those who prefer their comics digitally Comixology is having a BOGO (buy one get one free) sale for Marvel comics. For most of the old comics that comes down to 99 cents per issue provided you have an even number of comics to purchase. There's more info here.
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Starting the weekend with a fun video as MIT honours a fictional alumni

but it's not as ethically dubious as it sounds...

In the MU, Riri Wiliams, aka Ironheart, is a student at MIT, and every year MIT releases a student-made trailer promoting “Pi Day” (The 14th of March, which in America's date shorthand is 3-14), when they announce which new students have been accepted for the following year.

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Jordan Molossus rode to confront his father.

He'd discovered that one was alive when he'd gone to lay both his fathers to rest.

He'd learnt how they'd come together and gone apart, and why he'd grown up in foster care.

Now, with the help of one of the most dangerous men on the world of Ektae, he was riding to confront a man who was even more so- his father, C. Jdorn Bakolier.

The confrontation began with the footsoldiers, two armies blasting away at each other.

Then Jordan called Bakolier out.

Bakolier answered him.

They looked each other in the eye- and leapt.

Jordan shattered Bakolier's armor with the first blow. )