AXIS BOOK ONE #3: Good News For Bad People

AVENGERS X-MEN AXIS BOOK ONE #3 has a dramatic ending. And someone breaks the first rule of the Marvel Universe: Captain America is never wrong.
Also, someone goes through a growth spurt.

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The Next Avengers!

Hi folks!

MC2 (Marvel Comics 2) was Tom DeFalco's baby, spun off from an issue of "What If?" where Peter and Mary Jane's daughter May "Mayday" Parker inherited some of her father's powers and became Spider-Girl. It was meant to appeal to younger readers (but not children as such) by featuring old-school superheroics with newer characters.

(The same idea of attracting newer readers later gave us the Ultimate universe.)

The story took place in the modern day, but with the then-current events in the main Marvel Universe having taken place fifteen years before. Most of the older superheroes had retired or gone missing, so it was up to a new generation to save the world.

Seven pages of twenty-three, plus one from the preview of J2.

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Your thoughts and comments?
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Shameless "Plug" is Shameless

Yeah, sorry. 

I did mentioned this a few times in the Academy and Arena posts, but it's time to get it up.  It's been out for a bit, but I've been elsewhere. 

And lazy.  Oh so lazy.

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Preview: Hickman's Avengers

Jonathan Hickman posted this image on his twitter, revealing his initial Avengers roster.

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New Avengers #31 preview

ComicBookResources has the preview as the Brian Michael Bendis era on the title wraps up.

And it starts of with humor before the conflict unfolds.

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Variant covers to the Avenger books

ComicBookResources has the article featuring alternate covers for the upcoming Avenger titles.

Now I know that AvX (and the Consequences) has left us all a little ragged and sour, but here are some images that may add a spoon full of sugar for your Friday.

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Avengers Arena #1

BleedingCool has an in the article as we see what is next for the cast members of Avengers Academy.

And it ain't pretty.

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