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Shameless "Plug" is Shameless

Yeah, sorry. 

I did mentioned this a few times in the Academy and Arena posts, but it's time to get it up.  It's been out for a bit, but I've been elsewhere. 

And lazy.  Oh so lazy.

And Godzilla for Legality )And Godzilla for Legality )And Godzilla for Legality )



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Preview: Hickman's Avengers

Jonathan Hickman posted this image on his twitter, revealing his initial Avengers roster.

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New Avengers #31 preview

ComicBookResources has the preview as the Brian Michael Bendis era on the title wraps up.

And it starts of with humor before the conflict unfolds.

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Variant covers to the Avenger books

ComicBookResources has the article featuring alternate covers for the upcoming Avenger titles.

Now I know that AvX (and the Consequences) has left us all a little ragged and sour, but here are some images that may add a spoon full of sugar for your Friday.

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Avengers Arena #1

BleedingCool has an in the article as we see what is next for the cast members of Avengers Academy.

And it ain't pretty.

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Avengers Vs X-Men #6

This was actually a pretty good issue... Pretty Damn good really. It seems like the actual "meat" Of the story has come into play.

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Great Moments in The Avengers Vol. 1 (The 90's)

The Avengers vol 1 got pretty dire in the 90's - six months were spent on a plot about Russian Ninja Pirates vs. The Avengers vs. Russian superheroes vs. Alpha Flight vs some random Atlanteans which was mostly punching people, for example - but it did have some bright spots.

I was chugging through the whole massive bulk of the thing because I wanted to add all the 1990's issues of Avengers vol. 1 to my issue by issue guide to the Avengers, which I've been working on over the years to help fellow ficcers figure out if an issue is worth reading or not, when I came upon these little gems.

No, context doesn't make it better. Prepare for a blast from the past! )