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MARVEL SUPER-HEROES #88 was a reprint of INCREDIBLE HULK #138. It has the Hulk and the Sandman both talking to each other underwater. And "Sub-Mariner" is mispronounced.


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The issue picked up where the last'd left off, with the two parts of the mystery changing places.

The boy James-Michael Starling, having run away to his first home with his friend Dian, had vanished in a flash.

Dian, his adoptive caretakers, the Defenders Valkyrie and Hellcat, the Wasp (lending a Quinjet to the Defenders), and the summoned Moondragon were left with the body of Omega the Unknown.

The boy'd gone where the man was- he was now in the clutches of the mad Ruby Thursday and her Dibbuk.

She made to do to him what she was going to do to Omega.

Then one of the robots after the boy burst in on them.

Hellcat, Valkyrie, the Wasp, and Moondragon were outside that scene- they'd followed the robots.

They found the robot that'd found the boy, as it was going through a wall.

They saw it before they heard it. )
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The Foolkiller's efforts indirectly brought the former into the latter.

When he went to meet the Defenders, his friends Richard and Amber came along.

The two of them, after the Foolkiller's meeting, addressed the Defenders.

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The Joe team is tasked with escorting Prince Ngoto the Younger from Oxford, England (where he had been teaching as an English professor) to his homeland of Kalingaland, to reclaim his father's throne after the defeat of the communist forces in his country.

After several thwarted assassination attempts they arrive at the capital.

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Remember what I said about G.I. Joe Special Missions having less Cobra and more serious plots? Forget it! This issue, written by regular artist Herbe Trimpe, is as close to the sunbow cartoon as the comic ever gets, also it's the only issue of the Marvel series to feature Crystal Ball and Hardball (as far as I know anyway).

--yeah you're not making it to the actual scans, buddy... nothing personal, you're not as bad as you're made out to be.

"The character, Snake Eyes, shall never be depicted or described as a fan of the New York Yankees."

--Content Guidelines for Kindle Worlds: G.I. Joe

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--I'm still going to tag this with char: Megatron, though Jetfire would have made more sense in context. Also this issue has a cover date of June '87, the last issue of G.I. Joe and the Transformers was dated April '87... I think this was Larry's subtle way of saying the Transformers only existed as toys in the G.I. Joe world even though that would later prove false .

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"There are some missions so secret, so sensitive that even the Joes who go on them are told only the bare minimum, on a strictly need-to-know basis. As far as the other Joes are concerned, these missions never existed these are the: G.I. Joe Special Missions"

--From the title page of the the short feature "Best Defense," in G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #50

The first Special Missions series was title that allowed Larry Hama to take the Joe characters out of the Joe vs Cobra military fantasy setting (though Cobra still appears in some of the stories), and put them into a slightly more realistic, and hard-edged setting. In this story the American government makes a deal with a Nazi war criminal, and sends in the Joe team to extract him, only for them to run afoul of the Mossad.

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Last time the GI Joes were big dumb soldiers who on the orders of a Senator who is very quick to suggest the destruction of her pet project, a flying nuclear power plant, destroyed Bumblebee after he saved a little kid. The Insecticon Bombshell was able to gang access to the plant, and a none too happy Superion showed up wanting to know what happened to his friend.

Also I love this cover, it's movie night at Shockwave's house! Get down Ravage!

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I met Larry Hama unexpectedly a few weeks ago, since he had a table at the Emerald City Comicon that I didn't know about before buying my ticket, and since then I've had his old '80s G.I. Joe comics on my mind. It doesn't hurt that Retaliation finally came out, either.

Special Missions was a relatively short-lived spin-off book that was a series of what were usually done-in-ones, involving particularly dicey or complicated missions by the team that did not necessarily involve Cobra.

This is a story from its second issue about refugee Nazis, Israeli Nazi hunters, and the Holocaust. This might be the kind of thing that mandates a trigger warning.

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Once upon a time The Spot was this supervillain who defeated Spider-Man (well, for one issue anyway), and instead of quitting while he was ahead he tried to defeat him again:

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