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Continuing with our celebration of holiday times, we're only looking at one story today, featuring Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes!
There's Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez art!

"Star Light, Star Bright, First Star I See Tonight", from DC Special Series #21 (1980, the cover advertises it as the Super-Star Holiday Special), was written by Paul Levitz, with art by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and Dick Giordano (yeah, try beating that team for a classic Bronze Age story!). This is about four pages out of twelve.

Superboy's visiting for X-mas, so Phantom Girl and Saturn Girl show him various images of how holiday times are celebrated in the future.

Wildfire comes in and talks about how the diverse methods all convey the same classic message of "peace on earth", but Superboy just wants some damn tinsel!

Looking up to the stars melodramatically (you only wish i were kidding!) he gets an idea.

(i love how bored Saturn Girl is with the whole thing!)

So, they rope in Lightning Lad and take off in a Legion rocket. Projecting star patterns based on known history, they arrive at the likely coordinates of the star only to find no evidence of such a star ever having been there. They do, however, find a small planet. (though one must wonder how such a planet would survive without a star nearby)

It goes without saying that they take a look around.

Wildfire picks up the iceberg and melts the plankton out, but he knows it will only last them a few days, nowhere near as long as the ice age settling over the planet.
(i can never read this page without the Prime Directive nagging at the back of my head, i always almost expect it to be foreshadowing)

One of the creatures is stuck in the fire! They save it, but they can't do anything about the crops.

He digs into the ground for metal ore, which he shapes into cables to secure the nest.

Things're looking bleak planet-wide.

Superboy's got another idea! He takes a few of the telepathic earplugs they use to communicate in deep space and recalibrates them to serve as translators. Meanwhile, Lightning Lad and Wildfire start digging out a cave.

And with friends! Using the earplugs to communicate, the three races move into the cavern and form a new interdependent society so that they'll all survive.

...Didn't it?

There's a really neat subscription ad for the Legion's series in this issue, too, but my copy's in kind of rough shape, so I don't want to risk it too much by scanning it. Sorry guys.

Tomorrow: More shorts! These ones are all about Gotham City!
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