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I really should have came here first, cause this is the place to ask about a scan. :D

What issue/series is this lovely Guy Gardner moment from? I must own the issue. Or maybe I already do and forgot. Point is, it's really bugging me so if some one could help me out that'd be great! XD Thanks to some help from [personal profile] terrykun , I was able to figure where the panel came from. It's actually from Green Arrow V.3 #23, and it's ermmm a bit taken out of context by itself. XD

Here is the original panel I posted:

Annnnnnnd here is the full page it actually came from:

So sadly, it is simply a case of mistaken identity. While this makes a little less humorous for me I'm glad I finally know where it came from.

I tried to at least add the Guy tag, but apparently I am not allowed - 'Client error: Not allowed to add tags to entries in this journal'. So I know it is in the guidelines to tag, but I couldn't. :/


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