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The other day Gail Simone tweeted the following art, done by Peter Nguyen.

Looks like Charlie's swapped the cape and her old gloves for some biker-ish-looking gear? Also note what looks like a Wonder Woman pin on the vest.

And Black Alice! I wonder if their turning out to be long-lost sisters or whatever is going to be addressed.

And now, here are two pages from a Misfit-centric issue of BoP I enjoyed (#121), during Tony Bedard's run, with art by Michael O'Hare.

Okay, so maybe not "unusually" badass.

Date: 2010-01-30 09:24 pm (UTC)
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Unfortunantly I think you have a bit of a rosy view of people. While there do exist bullies who act otu against actions that were put on themselves, there exist a lot who do it because of just plain cruelty.

The girls are from rich families. The families care about them. The problem still existed because they were willing to commit these acts.

Now, I don't think they went in there with the intent to cause the girl's death. What I think happened though, is that when it happened, they had such a dim view of the girl based on their constant insults, to the point where they believed them to be true, that they found no sadness in the death.

You can see this in how things happen now. 4chan has started a campaign of pranks against them and I'm sure public sentiment will turn violently against them, they will become the victim's, they will onyl be sad when the tables are turned on themselves.

Date: 2010-01-30 09:49 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] punishermax
It's sort of tough for teachers, see if they did what they could at the start, you'd have the parents of the girls start with the "Not OUR kids" stuff and get onyl a slap on the wrist. This could cause MORE issues because the grils might make it worse based on the teacher's actions.

The teacher SHOULD have kept an eye on the girl, but having whole classes to deal with may make things tough for her.

You have to hope parents aren't gigantic assholes and deal with it.

As for the moral compass thing. It's society to a point's fault. You have the whole Mean Girls ideal that is created in media. The idea of the popular girls ruling the school. As well, you have the ideals of Attractiveness over Intelligence, Status over Personality battling it out in the hallways and creating a new society based on Status.

Male bullies mainly work through physical means, whereas every incident I've heard indicates females bullies mainly use rumors and words. This is not to be sexist, it is simply what I've seen in news reports over the years.

I was not bullied, I fell in the middle crowd, the not majorly popular kids, at the start of school and ended up in the higher middle levels. I used humor mainly, but that's another story alltogether.


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