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As many of you already know and are rightfully and righteously freaking out over, Amazon.com has started de-listing books with GLBT content from the Amazon rank sales charts. (Google-bombs away!)

Upon hearing this, with a sinking feeling, I started surfing Amazon's selection of graphic novels, and yup, they appear to have de-listed one of my favourite shounen-ai manga, featured below the cut.

"Oh, Miss Ito, you've got some cream on you..."

Yep, Sherlock Holmes he ain't. But that's no reason to drop his book from the charts. Bastards.

The truly WEIRD thing is, many of the same creator's less popular but far more explicit works are still in the rankings. Antique Bakery is actually more of a slice-of-life drama/comedy than a pure yaoi. The drawings of the cakes are more pornographic than any of the sex scenes. Seriously. I think I gained like twelve pounds just reading the damn thing.
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