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We've been getting complaints, fairly regularly, about uncut spoilers, and about posters going over the 1/3 limit. Apparently it's time for a refresher on the posting guidelines.

3. LJ-cuts are required for any post which has more than one image. Because the community is being followed on LJ via a RSS feed, we ask that you use the following code, in place of the usual [lj-cut]: [div class="ljcut" text="this is the text of the cut"] body text [/div]. Replacing [] with <>. This code ensures that images are cut on IJ and LJ friends pages. Remember, unlike with a regular [lj-cut], there is no hyphen in the div cut.

You may use one preview image, maximum size 400x300 pixels, outside of the cut; it must be work-safe and it cannot contain spoilers. If it's from a recent comic, it is not allowed outside of a cut, no matter how spoilery it isn't. Long text or text with spoilers should be behind the cut.

When it comes to spoilers, err on the side of spoilerphobia. Better to cut everything, than make enemies of your fellow members. Similarly, when it comes to NSFW material, caution should be your watchword. Hemming and hawing over the NSFWness of an image? Cut it.

4. No more than one third the length of any single work should be posted on this community. That's 7 pages of a standard American comic, by the by. In regards to anthologies, graphic novels, manga and pamphlets with backup stories, do not exceed 1/3 of the total page count. Exceptions will by made at the discretion of the moderators.

It is your responsibility to check that another user hasn't beaten you to the punch. You can use the tags, and browse the archives to search through past entries. We will be relatively lenient if you accidentally post a few extra pages of a comic that's 30 years old and out of print in any collection, but a comic that's in print will be deleted without warning.

We will love you forever if you're posting more than 7 pages from a comic longer than 22 pages and indicate to us its exact length, so we don't need to bug you about it.

Please, save us the trouble of going through the inevitable "12 pages? How long is the book?" exchange, and just state upfront why your 30-page post is legal. This also ensures that your fellow members aren't wondering why you think you're above the rules, and prepared to bring down the wrath of the Copyright Overlords.

Date: 2009-04-30 12:10 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] pyrotwilight.insanejournal.com
Thank ye kindly. I have one comic in mind already.

A little tangent q just to make sure. Do the full comics posted also count? Like when Newsarama posted all of Project Superpowers #0 or 1? Or Image and how it posts the first issue of each series completely?


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