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Spoilers for the Starman/Congorilla team up one-shot

Readers of Cry for Justice were witness to many, many arbitrary fridgings, but one irked me more than a little.

Now I now Tasmanian Devil was a D-lister, I don't even particularly care that he was a happy, gay hero, many characters were fridged in CfJ regardless of orientation, so I genuinely didn't think it was homophobically motivated.

Readers of the Starman/Congorilla team up one-shot will be aware that the plot involved the blue skinned alien Starman, a Lazarus Pit and a certain dead Australian hero... who now isn't so dead any more, and has a new, blue boyfriend.

Robinson discusses this in an interview with Newsarama here

Here's an excerpt

Newsarama: James, now that the Starman/Congorilla special has been released, what motivated you to tell this story?

James Robinson
: The Starman/Congorilla one-shot is one of those stories that I've been meaning to tell ever since Cry for Justice – well, actually, I knew this was coming even when I was writing Cry for Justice.

Plus it involves a hunt for the Lazarus Pit and the Fountain of Youth, and Rex the Wonder Dog, and all these different, interesting, bizarre aspects of the DC universe, which is something that I enjoy messing around with.
But it was always a story that was leading toward the return of Tasmanian Devil, who will be Starman's boyfriend.

: You were the one that killed off the Tasmanian Devil in Cry for Justice. Was it always your intent to bring him back?

: Absolutely. I was hoping to write it immediately. Because I killed Tasmanian Devil off rather cruelly in Cry for Justice.

I always intended for that to be the case, that Starman would eventually have Tasmanian Devil as his boyfriend. Congorilla finding his friend was going to be sub-plot that I was going to use, and tie it in with the apparent murder of Tasmanian Devil. I had to put it off for a while, but I found a way to fold it into the Omega storyline.
And I had always planed that it would lead toward Starman finding love with Tasmanian Devil. They're two of the main gay characters of DC Universe. So I wanted to bring them together.

: I think it's safe to say that nobody saw that coming.

: Not when I've apparently had one of them skinned! [laughs] And in a rug on the floor. No, not at all. But I didn't want to reveal anything.

: But didn't you get some flack for killing Tasmanian Devil?

: Yes. People online were like, "James Robinson hates gay people" and all of this. Which is utterly ridiculous, and it was a little bit hurtful, considering the gay friends I have here in San Francisco and other parts of the world.

It's ironic because in Starman – and I believe this to be true. And I’m willing to be called a liar. I’m not 100 percent sure of this. But I think within mainstream comics, be that Marvel and DC basically – I think in Starman, I had the first main, male gay kiss ever. So for me to be called a gay hater is ridiculous.
Comments? Opinions?


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