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A little over three pages from the latest issue...

This issue's largely set-up, as Bruce Wayne builds up the ranks of the franchise.

I doubt the "low maintenance" line was a dig at DiDio, but who wants to bet the internet smart alecs are going to interpret it is as such?

Some people think Wingman might be the original Wingman, back from the dead, but I don't think that's at all likely. Firstly, if it was him, there would be no need for the mystery game. Why obscure the character's face at all if he's exactly who he appears to be? Secondly, Morrison wrote the guy as petty, evil, and an all-around punk. He wasn't the sort suited for a redemption arc.

Also, David, the African Batman's look seems to be based on this guy...

...from the story "The Batman Nobody Knows," in BATMAN 250. [personal profile] icon_uk did a post on the issue here, from which I took the above pic.

I love this series.


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