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Greetings True Believers!

I watched the premiere of the new Thundercats cartoon this weekend and I thought it was pretty good.

Review and a couple scans from an old Thundercats mini that I've always found hilarious.

First off, the animation, certainly Avatar-based but that's not a bad thing. I like mixing western and eastern styles of animation. Not many glitches from I could see

I like the character designs for the most part. Updates with clear roots in the 80s designs. I think they also got a lot of ideas from the comics from the early '00s. I think I like Tygra's the best and Cheetara's the least.

Kind of a steampunk vibe, in the 'cats world "technology" is a myth and Lion-O is always looking for some apparently. They have the Sword of Omens but the Book of Omens is lost. Panthro and Grune were sent out to look for it.

Spoilers a bit. There many animals races on this world and apparently the 'cats are an oppressive empire, racist and expansionist. We see the Lizard race which are treated like dirt. Lion-O is the heir apparent and wants things run differently. He's a standard young hero character.

Cheetara is more experienced warrior and cleric and love interest for Lion-O and Tygra. I liked how they kept her speed f/x.

I found Tygra to be the most interesting character. He's a prince like Lion-O, older and more experienced but not the heir because he's not of the royal bloodline which I took mean he's a tiger and not a lion, add to that that Jaga, Cheetara and the rest the clerics are all cheetahs and many of the residents of the poor side of the ciy (like Wilykit and Kat) seem to be "mongrels" adds a tasty bit of caste/species divide to the 'cats. I got kind of a trueborn/natural-born ASOIAF feeling to Lion-O and Tygra's relationship.

Snarf is a pet, not a talking character. I am Jack's sense of relief.

Claudus is voiced by Larry Kenney, the original voice of Lion-O from the '80s. Nice touch.

Thundara is invaded by Mumm-Ra the Everliving! and Grune and army of Lizards. Armed with mechs, lasers, missiles and bombs. All unknown to the 'cats. The city and empire falls casting Lion-O and his band into the role of outlaws/rebels.

Mumm-Ra doesn't transform in the premiere but it's shown in the teaser for future episodes. Plus he has a hunchback, I found that off-putting, don't know why.

All and all: the animation, sound and action are solid. The characters and plot have a lot of room for development. I would suggest my follow S_Ders give this series a shot.

There was no opening sequence in the premiere and I know it will be it's own thing but could we a little from the original? Please?

Embed no go.

Legal scans. I remember much amusement and bewilderment the last time I posted these. Ha!


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