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Soooo, they finally revealed the full cast for the Gold Team....

Joining Wolverine's "Gold Team" are: Fantomex in "Uncanny X-Force", Oya in "Wolverine and the X-Men", Rachel Grey in "X-Men Legacy" and Polaris, Madrox and Longshot in "X-Factor". So, what's your favorite team, Blue or Gold?
Am I the only one that wants a Shatterstar/Rictor sex scene? Obviously it won't happen, but a girl can dream, no? Also, I purchased the Age Of X tpb. Is it worth a read? Oh, and one final thing, my apologies. Does anyone have scans from Catwoman, when the character of Sylvia Sinclair was killed by Holly Robinson?

Date: 2011-09-13 08:49 pm (UTC)
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The Genma Saotome method of communication!


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