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Who wants to see commissions?! :D

First up, Owen Mercer, by Dustin Nguyen ('free' sketch for buying one of his large prints).

Megan Gwynn, Pixie, by Peter V Nguyen (there were two Peter Nguyens at Artists' Alley, leading to much confusion). Had to book this one ahead of time.

An itty bitty Ricochet by Katie Cook, who is awesome, and you should all go buy a copy of her book about her cat, "Fuck you, box."

"Meloni's Boys", Owen, Bart, and Thad, by Art Balthazar!

And FINALLY..... I GOT AN AMANDA CONNER COMMISSION! She's totally way too modest, calling this a sketch. Took me three trips by her booth, and about as many hours waiting in line on Saturday, but she was just so awesome and put up with my blithering and is totally my hero forever now...

*loves forever*

For legality, the print I got from Dustin Nguyen.



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