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Almost all of the non-mutants are aliens so that doesn't help too much on the human non-mutant relation front.

There's the odd ally that, while fighting aside them for awhile, isn't technically a team member (Ms. Marvel being the biggest example). The X-men have several non-mutant hero allies, but in terms of humans on the team without the X-gene, I can think of Mimic (mutate with the power to mimic powers), Karima (Prime Sentinel/cyborg), Juggernaut, and Amanda Sefton (sorcerer). Oh, and Madelyn Pryor wasn't for awhile, but then became one.

Pretty short list all in all, and some of those didn't last long.

I can't think of any non-mutants who taught a class at the school full time, though Moira might've. A couple more staffers, mainly Moira's people... but staff is pretty rare too.

Recent stuff does feel like less of a "mutants only" club than it used to be, with people like Dr. Rao and their public relations manager (and Namor still doesn't feel like a mutant, even though he technically is one ^^), and de-powered mutants who hang around (Dani, Prodigy, Jubilee).
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