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I know I maybe late for the week, but my scanner is not working and Dad broke the computer that works the other scanner, and that this guy's distress is about one or two pages long, BUT, considering his situation, it more than worth it. Here is something from Golden Age Batman!

Oh. My. God... can you imagine that. How would you handle know that you're one stupid fowl of a common mugging turn murder led to the birth of the Batman, a man of talents of body and mind, who is psychology geared to borderline insanity from seeing his parents DYING in front of him, and he is GUNNING for you, and you're only hope is with the seedy mobsters, most of whom Bats created (in a way) and has foiled again and again, and take out their anger on you, cause if you can't kill Batman, might as well kill the man who made him... I wonder HOW the Joker would handle that? Would he help CHill out, or just use him to get Bats over the edge? ANd, in tribute to the week, I give you the Brave and the Bold episode this was base off of.

WOW! That has to be the the most awesome scene in the entire show! Bats was SO mad, he basically went "F**K THE COWL, I'M KILLING THIS WALKING PILE OF SCUM AS BRUCE WAYNE!" and was ready to kill him... but he didn't... gotta love him!

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