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2 pages that help redefine who this new Batman... Bruce Wayne has become.

Bruce rushes home to tend to Damien's wounds at the hands of Nobody.

After getting Damien some treatment, he collapses under the portrait of his parents, burdened by the guilt that his own son was not able to live up to the promise and standards he vowed to his parents. After some time to recover, Damien and Bruce finally have a talk about what has happened.

and the men of Wayne have a few hours off, doing something as common as walking the dog.

It's nice to see a well balanced Bruce Wayne walking around, leading by example, rather than the vengeance filled dark knight.
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"...And that's why I have to let the Joker live. Because otherwise it corrupts my soul and promotes a cycle of violence. Mostly violence against non-violent innocents, but violence nonetheless. Also, it's not violence if it doesn't end in homicide, so all the permanent injury I did to people over the years is totally cool."
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I always liked Chris Sim's idea of why Batman doesn't kill: He has devoted his entire life to fighting crime. It's his mission. And to him, the ultimate crime is, of course, the taking of a life.

Plus, I hate debates about him killing the Joker. It's not his responsibility, or his fault. Joker's given a trial every time. Nobody brings up the judges, or the jury. It's the people of Gotham's own fault they haven't fried his ass yet, which makes a remarkable amount of sense to me. I don't think Batman would give a crap if he was legally executed.
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IAWC. Especially because it always winds up with Bruce's responsibility growing and shrinking to fit any occasion so he's alternately overstepping his bounds by crimefighting at all and not doing his job by not executing criminals to keep people safe. I think any attempt on his part to work with the law a good thing.
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Plus, of course, Joker lunch boxes. Can't forget those Joker lunch boxes.


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