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As they've done a short standalone story for Christmas, I felt like sharing one of my favourite web comics, Guilded Age.

Guilded Age is written by T Campbell and Phil Khan, originally drawn by Erica Henderson, now by John Waltrip.

It's set in Arkhera, a universe very much like the universe of World of Warcraft (this is not a coincidence), following the adventures of the Gastonian Peacemakers: Byron Hackenslash (human berzerker), Syr'nj (elven medic), Gravedust Deserthammer (dwarven mystic), Frigg Akerfeldt (human loudmou...er...crusader), E-Merl Danielssen (half-elven magician), Rachel Al-Abinya (human priestess), Scipio the Scorpion (human fighter), and Bandit Keynes (gnomish...er...bandit. It's a Gnome thing).

It's dear Bandit who is important to this story.

This particular story doesn't give a very strong idea of the comic's general tone, as it's a 'break' over the Christmas holiday.

But it does give a good idea of John's rather amazing ability as a mimic of other artist's styles.

And, there you have it, folks. I think Mr Geisel would be happy.

Date: 2012-12-29 01:41 am (UTC)
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I'm surprised no one else has replied to this. I really enjoyed this. I agree the with what you said about the art. I also liked the story, it was fun.
Thanks for posting this.


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