Date: 2009-07-21 11:07 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Your ideas for Tim are awesome.

I'm not sure how that'd work for Jason, though; last time Jason and Ra's saw each other, Talia had shoved Jason into a Lazarus Pit while Ra's was in it, and she had to make him flee at top speed. Jason's been in contact with Talia since then, too, and she's helped him behind the scenes.

Tim's had more interaction with Ra's as recently as the thing with Ra's attempting to pull an Orochimaru and steal Damian's body, so it's not as if Tim going to Ra's comes completely out of the blue. To say the truth, I'm reminded of Sasuke when I look at Tim's current arc, including the inevitable revelation that Tim was playing Ra's all along.

Date: 2009-07-23 11:46 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hmm, if Tim's Sasuke then I would imagine Steph is his Naruto.

I'm speaking more of the concepts of the series actually, it deals with someone dressed as Red Robin, knows Bruce is Batman, knows that Bruce is alive and is traveling the world to find him, by that description Jason fits more IMO, because firstly he was once Red Robin, he has traveled the Multiverse so he is more or less aware of the existence of the wierd and easily play into his reasoning that Bruce is alive since Darkside's Omega Sanction is suppoused to send the person's mind into a nightmarish world where one reality is worse than the other, Jason is for all he is, still a kid looking for Daddy's approval and recognition and recently he has the worst experience of being told that he was a failure so it makes sense that he would strive to do the impossible; ie bring Bruce back. The drooling insanity can easily be explained as him having been infected by fear toxin and a hallucinogen given to him by Black Mask and Scarecrow that drove him insane. His reasoning for Bruce being alive could be explained easily by the likes of the Specter, that Bruce's soul is missing and is in neither hell nor heaven. Heck, it would have been cool to have Donna on his tail since she once worked with him in that one Teen Titans story and she doesn't think that he really is all that bad as people say. Then you could have Vicky Vale, the up and coming reporter who thinks that Jason Todd who is believed to have died in Ethiopia is still alive and she is out to prove it and you could have Ras Al Ghul trying to work with Jason since even Ras doesn't believe that Batman is dead.

With Tim being Red Robin, I was actually expecting some kind of cool Detective Story with twists and turns, surprises in every corner, etc, etc, not this. So far I can't really blame Yost for this, since from I've seen this reeks of Editorial Mandates and I've heard from many fans that Yost isn't really a bad writer and is actually much better than what he is showing on RR.


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