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Since I let most Holidays slip me by, I decided to do something for Flag Day by posting a comic strip about I just found in today's newspaper. And for the record. Yes I am a republican. Yes I think Al Gore is full of Hot Air, and yes, I eat the bodies of infants and their soul. Since I blow the wind of the sails of the people who would flame me for posting something decent of USA, here it is.
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Nancy and Sluggo are still around today, which slightly lummoxes me as the strip has always seemed to carry minimalism way too far. The story goes that Ernie Bushmiller had an assortment of Nancy and Sluggo rubber stamps made up, and he would pick a few, press them on an ink pad and smack them on the page, ink in a few word balloons and be done for the day. This isn't as unlikely as you might think. Mac Raboy's drawings of Captain Marvel Jr were cut and pasted all over the pages of other artists, and Jack Burnley's Starman repeated the same five or six poses from story to story (and sometimes repeated themselves within the same story). Of course, with those two artists, there was a lot of care to detail and anatomy in their drawing, while Bushmiller's were simple icons a step above stick figures, but the principle is the same.

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