Squadron Supreme #6 - "Doctor Spectrum: Through the Lens, Part One"

"With Namor out of the way she has her sights set on the next person who helped destroy her planet – Black Bolt!" -- Issue's solictiation

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Star Wars: C-3PO #1 - "The Phantom Limb"

"I saw a photo of C-3PO with his red arm the other day and I thought ‘Wow, I’m the writer who gets to explain that’." -- James Robinson

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Scarlet Witch #5 - "Shhh: A Whisper"

'After I came to Marvel very happily, and did what I think was a quite successful run on Fantastic Four, I was very proud of it and my work with Leonard Kirk -- and you can’t get more “Marvel Superhero” than either the Avengers or the Fantastic Four. So going back to that slightly more darker and more adult -- and I’m a little wary of using that word, because it has the connotation that that [Scarlet Witch] is not for children, and it’s definitely the sort of book anybody could read -- but that slightly more sophisticated feel of those more interesting stories that are often at the corners of the Marvel universe. I’m really, really enjoying that, and it’s definitely something that suits my writing.' -- James Robinson

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NoScans - Namor's coming back, guys

Source: Newsarama.com

Part of an interview with James Robinson behind cut.

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Scarlet Witch #4

"In my past as a writer, I did an Eisner-award winning miniseries called Witchcraft, so I had done research back in the day. And now picking that up again and doing more reading I’ve found some interesting things, like the Romani culture doesn’t particularly smile on witches. And red and scarlet are very unlucky colors [in the culture]. So why would you call yourself the Scarlet Witch?" -- James Robinson

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Scarlet Witch #3

"I think the really awesome thing about this series that makes it so incredibly unique is that James can completely write to these very different, equally beautiful and unique artstyles. And with every issue, [Wanda] is going to a different country, a different city, a different environment, so [a different artist every issue] really does work on a story level changing the look. There’s a lot of really cool research that James has done with each site that Wanda visits looking into into the particularly history of witchcraft in that place and looking at them through a historical lens." -- Editor Emily Shaw

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Squadron Supreme #3

"There's a point where [Namor] sort of crossed over. His decisions in Jonathan Hickman's Avengers books have been so dark, duplicitous, and downright evil at times. Also, quite frankly, he was the guy who pulled the trigger on Doctor Spectrum's world and destroyed it. So there's a need for some kind of retribution." - James Robinson

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Scarlet Witch #2

"I was definitely inspired by what Fraction and David Aja have done on HAWKEYE — how they managed to stay true to the character in the Avengers while also taking it in a fresh direction, so it wasn't just that same Avengers character doing solo things, which I don’t think ever really works for any sustained period of time for any of those second-tier characters." -- James Robinson

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Squadron Supreme #2

"There were so many characters in Hickman’s Avengers story that his Hyperion only had some amount of screen time. A lot of the focus on the character that I was able to get was the one-off special written by Al Ewing." - James Robinson

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Scarlet Witch #1 - "About the Death of Many Cats"

"I think one of the things that I remember saying when I was pitching this to Marvel a long time ago is that you, me, most anybody who’s somewhat conversant with comic books can tell you Tony Stark’s personality, or Wasp’s personality, or Thor’s personality. I’m sure you could probably tell me, I don’t know, Foggy Nelson’s personality! But when you go to Wanda, it’s interesting that she doesn’t really have a locked-down personality—what she has is a series of incidents that have befallen her in her life, with the Vision, the High Evolutionary, with Magneto as her father, then Magneto wasn’t her father. All of this stuff is going on, but who is she as a person? What is she like?" -- James Robinson

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Squadron Supreme #1-2

"In the last few years Namor has crossed the line from an anti-hero to something a little bit darker. I mean we’ve seen absolutely no remorse whatsoever from him lately." - James Robinson

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Scarlet Witch #1

"I've been talking to Jason Aaron about making sure that she isn’t just a female Doctor Strange. There are differences even between her and Doctor Strange so that her magic is different; I'm really making a point of stressing that there's a female energy that connects with a certain kind of magic. As a sort of shorthand, I'm calling it 'witchcraft,' but there are literally areas of dimensions that she can go to that Doctor Strange wouldn't be able to go to, because he's a man."

- James Robinson

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