Scarlet Witch #9

"I could probably present an argument for why she'd be on either side." -- James Robinson

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Scarlet Witch #8

"When you do a book and you just ignore any of the stuff that's happened because you've been lazy or just can't be bothered to do your research, I think that's really disrespectful and not good writing. In a super hero comic medium, part of the fun is that shared universe and the idea of all these characters existing in the same time frame." -- James Robinson

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Squadron Supreme #9

"The idea is to give Marvel an A-Grade villain who – a female villain – who can fight the Hulk to a standstill. Marvel has really fantastic villains, but if you think about it, there isn’t currently a major league, ass-kicking female villain in the Marvel Universe. Obviously there are super-powered female villains, but nobody who could take on Thor or the Hulk." -- James Robinson

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Scarlet Witch #7 - "Enter the Wu"

"I'm going to give her her own villains, her own supporting cast and her own place in the world. She has realized that as much as there’s a part of her that will always be an Avenger, she’s been sort of living under that umbrella for so long it’s become her identity..." -- James Robinson

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Cry for Justice #2

"I can honestly say that JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRY FOR JUSTICE was one of the weirdest, darkest tales I’ve ever written. I think it may be the darkest JLA story ever written, although others may beg to differ. AM I proud of that? Not proud, no. I merely state what I feel to be true. I certainly know this tale isn’t to everyone’s taste. I know some people are even angered by it. But it’s a work I stand behind. I hope, reading it as one combined (and therefore quicker) read, you’ll see what I was going for…the slower build, gaining momentum…the growing cast…the growing event."

- James Robinson

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