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GirlFrenzy: the Mist

Back in the day DC decided to have a series of one-shots based around various female characters in their universe, and the one we're focusing on today is based around the second Mist, one of the main antagonists in James Robinson's Starman series. In the story, Mist ends up up in a team-up of sorts with pretty much her polar opposite, one Mary Marvel...

How do they end up working together? Well it's complicated...

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All-New Invaders #14 - "The Return of Toro, Part 1"

'One of the things I like about the book, and the name “The Invaders,” is who are the Invaders? In the first arc, the Invaders are the Kree. In another big arc coming down the line, it will be H.G. Wells’ Martians. But the Marvel Universe have always had invaders. The Mole Man invades from the depths of the Earth. The Atlanteans invade the land. Creatures invade from other dimensions, too. The Marvel Universe is constantly a world under siege.' -- James Robinson

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All-New Invaders #13 - "The Enemy Of My Enemy"

"I was sort of inspired by the way Matt Fraction and David Aja’s Hawkeye works. If someone had said before that was announced that Marvel was doing a new Hawkeye series you would imagine him fighting villains like a modern day version of his run on Solo Avengers, but instead they gave you this sort of cool urban tale of what Clint does on his days off. And David Aja wouldn’t be who you’d think of as a stereotypical Hawkeye artist, but he’s fantastic and doing a superb job." -- James Robinson

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Fantastic Four #14 - "Back in Blue"

"One of the things we have to make sure of is that while Reed being the icy thinker that ignores his family has been done to death, so have events causing Sue and Reed to doubt their love for each other. That’s quite an old story trope." -- James Robinson

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All-New Invaders #12

"Yes, I just saw the rough cover for issue #12. It will have people who are into that kind of thing just weeping with joy." -- James Robinson

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Fantastic Four #12 - "East of Eden, Part Four"

"Sometimes when a new writer comes onto a book, they pretend nothing happened on the book before they came to it. That definitely won't be the case here. For me, the comics medium is about building on the lore of the creators who came before us and what they put into those characters. So while Leonard and my run will be a new direction, there will be points that hinge around events that occurred in Hickman’s run, Matt Fraction’s run, and even reference and touch on earlier runs and adventures in ways that might surprise you." -- James Robinson

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All-New Invaders #11

"I don’t personally believe Jim Hammond has had a lot of personality given to him. He always feels a little bit boring, like a bit of a cipher. His costume is just a red onesie, which wasn’t very interesting. And that’s great for me, because it’s something I like doing — giving characters that haven’t had any personality a great one." -- James Robinson

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Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration - "Anniversary"

'It's kind of the first day of the Marvel Universe. It's a very James Robinson story. It's of his oeuvre. If you think of the sort of things he did in the past whether it's "Starman," "The Golden Age" or some of the other things he did around the Justice Society characters that really played with and played into the history of the characters and the lineage of the publishing.' -- Tom Brevoort

Where were you the day the Fantastic Four went into outer space?

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Vampirella Vs. Dracula

Story by James Robinson, layouts by David Mack, finishes by Rick Mays.

Happy Halloween, everyone.

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All-New Invaders #10

"I don’t think anyone can trust Namor completely. Not because of anything necessarily utterly complicitous, but he is possibly the most mercurial hero character in the Marvel Universe." -- James Robinson

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Fantastic Four #8-9 - "East of Eden, Part One"

"I think I have a bit of a reputation for taking obscure or under-utilized characters and fleshing them out. I intend to really flesh out Hammond [the original Torch] and turn him into a truly compelling character." -- James Robinson

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