Scarlet Witch #8

"When you do a book and you just ignore any of the stuff that's happened because you've been lazy or just can't be bothered to do your research, I think that's really disrespectful and not good writing. In a super hero comic medium, part of the fun is that shared universe and the idea of all these characters existing in the same time frame." -- James Robinson

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Squadron Supreme #9

"The idea is to give Marvel an A-Grade villain who – a female villain – who can fight the Hulk to a standstill. Marvel has really fantastic villains, but if you think about it, there isn’t currently a major league, ass-kicking female villain in the Marvel Universe. Obviously there are super-powered female villains, but nobody who could take on Thor or the Hulk." -- James Robinson

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Scarlet Witch #7 - "Enter the Wu"

"I'm going to give her her own villains, her own supporting cast and her own place in the world. She has realized that as much as there’s a part of her that will always be an Avenger, she’s been sort of living under that umbrella for so long it’s become her identity..." -- James Robinson

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Cry for Justice #2

"I can honestly say that JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRY FOR JUSTICE was one of the weirdest, darkest tales I’ve ever written. I think it may be the darkest JLA story ever written, although others may beg to differ. AM I proud of that? Not proud, no. I merely state what I feel to be true. I certainly know this tale isn’t to everyone’s taste. I know some people are even angered by it. But it’s a work I stand behind. I hope, reading it as one combined (and therefore quicker) read, you’ll see what I was going for…the slower build, gaining momentum…the growing cast…the growing event."

- James Robinson

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Squadron Supreme #6 - "Doctor Spectrum: Through the Lens, Part One"

"With Namor out of the way she has her sights set on the next person who helped destroy her planet – Black Bolt!" -- Issue's solictiation

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Star Wars: C-3PO #1 - "The Phantom Limb"

"I saw a photo of C-3PO with his red arm the other day and I thought ‘Wow, I’m the writer who gets to explain that’." -- James Robinson

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Scarlet Witch #5 - "Shhh: A Whisper"

'After I came to Marvel very happily, and did what I think was a quite successful run on Fantastic Four, I was very proud of it and my work with Leonard Kirk -- and you can’t get more “Marvel Superhero” than either the Avengers or the Fantastic Four. So going back to that slightly more darker and more adult -- and I’m a little wary of using that word, because it has the connotation that that [Scarlet Witch] is not for children, and it’s definitely the sort of book anybody could read -- but that slightly more sophisticated feel of those more interesting stories that are often at the corners of the Marvel universe. I’m really, really enjoying that, and it’s definitely something that suits my writing.' -- James Robinson

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NoScans - Namor's coming back, guys


Part of an interview with James Robinson behind cut.

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