Nick Fury #2 - "The Samurai and Moonbeams Caper"

I always kind of felt that people were more so doing a version of the Ultimate Marvel Nick Fury than trying to make him distinctly his own guy. -- James Robinson

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HAWKMAN #5: Oliver Queen talks about Carter Hall

I put out a request for stories showing the friendship between Hawkman and the Atom. After the cut is a page from HAWKMAN #5 where Green Arrow talks about the friendship between Carter Hall and Ray Palmer.
Story by James Robinson and Geoff Johns. Artwork by Rags Morales.

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Nick Fury #1 - "The Sky High Caper"

It began with me asking editor Mark Paniccia why no one had done a comic with young Nick Fury. -- James Robinson

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Grand Passion #1

"Something I’ve noticed lacking in a lot of comics is unbridled romance. The crazy kind when it’s all life and death and love at first sight, so combining that with the hard-boiled crime milieu was something that really appealed to me." -- James Robinson

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Starman 27: Christmas Knight

Been getting back into Starman, and since we're wombling towards the Holiday season, I thought I'd post a bit from the series' Holiday special...

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Squadron Supreme #12 - "Finding Namor, Part 3"

'I was told at the time, “You can kill him off but you have to bring him back quickly. You can’t take too long.” So the funny thing is I originally intended to bring him back in issue #6, but then Tom Brevoort said, “If anybody wants to set something in Weirdworld that would be great.” So I did the two issues in Weirdworld, which ultimately, every single aspect of those two issues and what came after all lead up to the resurrection of Namor: Doctor Spectrum, Hyperion’s vulnerability to magic, Warrior Woman and the country that she’s taken over. All of those were narrative building blocks that were building to the current “Finding Namor” arc. So I always intended to bring Namor back, but it was interesting that his inevitable return of course got delayed, and then you don’t realize that all of a sudden he’s been dead for 10 months.' -- James Robinson

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Squadron Supreme #11 - "Finding Namor, Part 2"

"When you write a team book and all your characters are running around all at once it can feel like every other team book. So that stuff isn’t very fun to write. When you break the team into smaller groups though you can explore and play with their personalities." -- James Robinson

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Scarlet Witch #11

"I have to say that, month after month, it is a pure joy to read James Robinson's Scarlet Witch scripts before doing covers." -- David Aja

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