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Its not even really that big a deal. Honest. But for some reason, it really bugs me.

So the issue ends with the new Azrael having snuck into the Batcave a second time in recent history (boy, they've really got to get better security on this place) and encountering Nightwing.

Look at it!! He %&#$ed up Dick's costume!! I know, I know, its not a terrible deal, but the artist on this title (Frazer Irving) has cranked out some kinda wonky art, and this is just....guh! The costume is known for its simplicity, so why did he mess up the finger things?

There, I vented. I'll go back to not really worrying about what happens in a title that'll likely be rendered obsolete in a few months. That said, I'm digging the story so far.

Edit. I was showing the horrible art to a friend of mine, and I realized that he messed it up in issue #1 too! For an example of the messed up costume, plus his less than smoothly drawn Oracle contours, click HERE! (Linked since I'm not sure right off hand how many issues of A:DDK #1 were posted before!)
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