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"Most traditional fantasy gives you another world to run and hide in. A modern fantasy allows you to reclaim yours. Reality remixed, expanded, made precious, made you. As Le Parkour is to the physical geography of a city, so is a modern fantasy to its spiritual geography. Redefining it in terms to please you rather than chain you. That's a key part of PHONOGRAM ideology." -- Kieron Gillen

I posted pages from the first issue some time back. I meant to post from the rest of the series sooner but got sidetracked by other stuff. Well, here we go.

Last issue, David Kohl was recruited by the Goddess to find out whose trying to mess with one of her aspects: Britannia, embodiment of Britpop.

Kohl and Kid-with-Knife see a ghost:

* * *

Date: 2015-10-25 05:32 pm (UTC)
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Looking back at these pages now, McKelvie's art has definitely developed for the better, but I don't like the adjustments to Aster between this and The Immaterial Girl; she's distinctive enough here, but the pointed chin is played up to uncanny valley levels in the current mini.


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