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For the "World of Wonder" theme, here is LEGENDS OF THE DC UNIVERSE #5, the conclusion of "Moments" by William Messner-Loebs and Mike Deodato. It takes place early in Diana's post-Crisis career as an ambassador, and involves her losing some illusions about the outside world.

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Officer Sally Marden is talking to a department psychiatrist about the events in part 1. Oddly, it is in caption boxes instead of word balloons.


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Diana goes to see one of the girl gang, the Redblacks, in the hospital.

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The suits are prototypes from S.T.A.R. Labs. Diana is puzzled that the women are hostile towards her but the men, at least one male Boston cop, are conciliatory.

Yes, I understand Themyscira was Paradise Island, but there had to be a few Amazons who were difficult to talk to or something. And Hyppolyta wouldn't want her daughter to go out into the world *that* sheltered.

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"Diana realizes she will have to be cautious in exploring this new world. Every open door can hide a danger. Every movement can be a lion hiding in the grass. Neither bravery nor intelligence can protect her. In a moment, it can all be over."

Officer Marsden takes one of the S.T.A.R. Labs suits. Diana flies after her. Marsden wants to track down the members of the Redblacks, Pepe. The attempt goes poorly but Diana saves Pepe's family from a fire.

Ares finds this amusing. A war will start between the police and the gangs until Boston is in ruins, with "Hippolyta's whelp" unable to stop it.

Pepe confronts Marsden, with the other Redblacks providing backup. Diana tries some "Wait, she is your sister" stuff that doesn't work.

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Marsden is about to kill Pepe, when Marsden's suit suddenly explodes.

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Pepe first wanted to kill Marsden and then was accepting of being killed by her. Then Pepe saves Marsden. All about those moments.

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And eventually Diana became Fighty McFighterton. Some blame Mark Waid and KINGDOM COME. Back in 2009, many of us on this board.

Homer: Marge, is this a happy ending or a sad ending?
Marge: It's an ending. That's enough.


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