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It's being published at IDW, under their Black Crown label.

Its titular character's a drifting travel blogger, who does what he will as he goes.

Issue #3 in January opened on him and a friend.

(They've been like this for a while.)

(" Ricky " isn't his real name - he's borrowing it from " that girl ", the other focus of this story.

She wants him dead because of what he did to her family while renting a room from them.)

He went back to his blog.

He took a look at someone reaching out to him.

The issue was bookended by another bit like this - him with someone else, in a room.

(He has a real talent for making himself up.)

(" Jonathan Drew " evokes the 1927 film version of Marie Adelaide Belloc Lowndes' " The Lodger ", whose version of the story's titular character used that name.

Pagecount's 6 and a bit more than 4/10ths of 20.

Issue #4's slated for April.)


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